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Without the help of TaxAudit, it would have been extremely difficult for us to navigate the daunting process of interacting with the IRS. Thank you, TaxAudit
I have had several great experiences with Tax Audit. It is by far the simplest and easiest service to rely upon when having to deal with IRS notices.
Clearly, our annual purchase of Tax Audit defense was the best investment we've made with regard to Tax preparation. For us at least, a clear and objective measure, worth its weight in gold!
The experience was excellent. I only needed to gather tax documents and Tax Audit took care of the rest. They did an excellent job! Very pleased. I initially owed over $2700 to the IRS but after evaluation I only owed $63!
Fantastic. Marti brought the total amount I owed down by 90%. I was praying that the balance due at the end of this whole horrendous chapter would just be a couple thousand dollars, and that's what happened. Marti also coached me on how to correct and avoid further red flags.
She was very thorough and kept me well informed and on time. She resolved the issue beyond my expectations. I was very happy with the support and the service was great. I now recommend this service to all my family and friends. Thanks
Clearly a stressful life event to be audited, but we felt well taken care of and I was confident we had the smartest ally we could have. Odd to say, but the experience was a pleasure because of him.
My audit representative was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process!! She was always quick to reply, thorough in her answers and explanations and walked me through the possible outcomes. With her help and guidance everything ended up better than I could have expected. Thanks so much!!
My audit representative discovered an avenue that I didn't know existed. She walked me through every step of the process in submitting my paperwork to the IRS. She then followed up with them and kept me informed every step of the way. The end result, she saved me almost $9000 in taxes.
It was a pleasure working with TaxAudit. My audit representatives kept me up to date and informed.
My experience was awesome - of course we won the case which puts a positive spin on everything. Working with my audit representative was very easy - she clearly communicated the documentation I needed to provide, was very quick to respond when I had questions...
When we first received the letter from the IRS notifying us of the audit, we were terrified.  We knew we had purchased "audit protection", but had no idea what that meant or how good of service we would get, especially at the low price we paid for the coverage. 
They were very nice in handling my IRS audit.They always kept me informed about any changes or action against my audit. I will always use them.
Entire staff was top notch. Explained everything and made sure I understood what was going on, next steps, and expectations. Everyone was completely professional and easy to work with. I will continue to purchase TaxAudit every year knowing that the money spent is worth every penny.
I opened up my claim and was immediately relieved with the fast response. All I had to do was provide the documents they needed to respond to the IRS on my behalf. They kept me informed during the whole process, which takes a few months. I was so happy with the favorable result too.
Using this service through TurboTax is an excellent investment and I recommend for all to use these added service to TurboTax programs! This program literally took off all the worries, the pain and all. Just leave your problems to them...
You were awesome kept me in the loop whenever anything needed to be done you filled me right away and even made sure he called me to ensure I knew what to do when things weren't in his hands anymore I really couldn't have asked for a better experience!!!!
My audit representative was very professional, courteous and responsive resolving our tax issue in a short period of time. I was indeed very happy with her service and most happy to recommend this to others.
My audit representative displayed that he was very knowledgable on the initial Tax Audit call, with a perfect blend of friendliness and professionalism. He explained the steps in the audit process and the associated timelines very clearly. I felt understood and in good hands with Tax Audit!
All instructions were clear and always available to answer any question either by phone or promptly by email. Everything was excellent, much appreciated.
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