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TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in July of 2018.

He did a fantastic job of resolving the issue without costing me another dollar. Totally worth it!
Mark, Kaysville, UT
My audit represenative was very kind and considerate and he seemed genuinely concerned with helping me resolve my problem. He was very patient with me and helped me gain a better understanding of the process. Navigating the audit process and knowing what to do and when to do it is very confusing to a layperson. Just understanding the various forms, their purpose, and how to complete them is very complicated, and he was very helpful in making a complex and confusing situation a bit more comprehensible. I appreciated him and all he did for me. 
Daniel, Plano, TX
Fast, friendly, dependable. Excellent customer service.
James, Daleville, AL
My audit representative was very polite and friendly, he was knowledgeable about the tax situation I was facing and was able to find out that he State of NC was not listing a tax credit paid to another state in my case. He is a professional with a high customer service demeanor!
Alexander, Wake Forest, NC
She was professional, extremely patient, explained requests and processes; answered questions before I asked them. Had a terrific sense of humor.
Chris, Rutland, VT
My audit representative was EXCELLENT!  I have to admit, I was initially skeptical having a legal service represent me with the nominal fee I paid through Turbo Tax. At best, I expected a guided process. That said, I could not have been more wrong. My audit representative stepped up to the plate in a BIG way, and represented me just like I would expect a tax attorney billing HIGH hourly rates would. The fact that he was able to help me navigate through the unknowns, represent me fairly with the IRS, and demonstrate a calm, customer service oriented demeanor throughout the entire process, was a blessing. If I owned, or had any decision making authority with the TaxAudit/TaxResources INC companies....I would be giving my audit representative a promotion without a doubt! I'm convinced it was his persistence, empathy, and willingness to help that got us the win with the IRS.  If I would have worked with an individual with any less character, I'd be another audit statistic. THANK YOU!
Tucker, Gainesville, VA
My audit representative was TERRIFIC!! From the very beginning of the process she was thorough in explaining what the steps were, transparent in letting me know the possible outcomes and patient as I worked to pull together my documentation. She was a pleasure to work with and made a dreadful situation much less intimidating. I hope I NEVER get audited again, but if I do, I will definitely have TaxAudit coverage and will CERTAINLY request my audit representative!! 
Venesia, Huntley, IL
Exceptional! She was very professional, and made sure had the correct understanding of everything. In addition to always being available for any questions or concerns I may have had during that time. If I ever come across another situation as such I hope I work with her.
Glanesha, Seattle, WA
He is the consummate professional and I really appreciate his trait of "getting back in touch with you promptly". Each and every time we spoke and I had questions or concerns, he would conduct his research and get back with me almost immediately. In addition, once he felt comfortable with his recommendation as to a course of action for my specific case, he wasted no time in presenting it to me. I was confident his recommendation was sound and acted accordingly.
Robert, Lake Mary, FL
He's very pleasant, quick and easy take care of my IRS audit notice. He explained everything in details and I'm very happy with the results. Thanks!!!
Hinh, Wilmington, DE
My audit representative was very professional, efficient and secured the optimal outcome. He answered my questions and helped me prevent future problems. Top notch service. Thank you!
Thomas, Shoreline, WA
My experience with my audit representative was great! He was able to retrieve records from the IRS directly showing that a client that I provided software development services to had submitted two 1099s without indicating that the latter one was a correction, resulting in them stating that I owed them approximately $9,000! I never wouldn't determined the source of this problem, my records showed that I had reported everything to the IRS correctly, so his efforts truly saved me thousands of dollars! In addition to this invaluable expertise, my audit representative is also very professional, personable and highly responsive. I'll definitely use TaxAudit in the future!
Brian, Voorhees, NJ
Using this service through TurboTax is an excellent investment and I recommend for all to use these added service to TurboTax programs! This program literally took off all the worries, the pain and all. Just leave your problems to them, they will tell you what they need and use because they KNOW thier stuff!!
Paul, Bloomington, MN
Easy to reach, answered questions quickly...IRS said I owed them over $1700 but after my audit representative reviewed my paperwork she figured out that the IRS owed me money! I am getting a refund after my audit of over $2400....sweet....
Timothy, Herndon, VA
My audit representative was extremely attentive to my case and tended to every detail in a most professional manner. I am SO HAPPY I had Tax Audit available to deal with the IRS instead of facing them alone. Just knowing they were there representing me with their knowledge and experience kept my blood pressure within normal limits! Thank you Tax Audit!
David, Concord, NH

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