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He made my audit pleasant and I am very thankful

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in April of 2017.

He was very patient and explained everything and every question. He was also informative with laws and things I once was unaware of. Very friendly and professional. He made my audit pleasant and I am very thankful.
Amanda, Brooklyn, NY
My audit representative was extremely knowledgeable and professional, while providing a calming voice in what can be a very stressful circumstance. Would happily recommend her to anyone!
William, Las Vegas, NV
Fast, efficient, kind and honest. Thank you.
Judith, Yakima, WA
Excellent! Very knowledgeable, friendly and professional.
Larry, Louisville, KY
My audit representative is without a doubt the single most professional person I have ever worked with concerning accounting and tax related issues. We were quite frankly unsure of what to expect when notified that he would be our Tax Audit representative. Much to our great and very welcome surprise, he is well spoken, truly knowledgeable, and possess an experienced sense of attention to detail. He guided my wife and I through every stage of our Tax Audit process to include numerous IRS requests for further documentation. At each stage of the process he made clear what to expect, asked all the appropriate questions of us, and made sure he was prepared to represent us thoroughly. Due to his over 30 years of experience as both an IRS Auditor and an IRS Appeals Judge, I can think of no one more qualified than him to have represented us. He is also clearly a person of unquestioned integrity and great faith in both both his personal and professional lives. We count ourselves fortunate that he was selected to represent us. Thank you!  
Alejandro, Helotes, TX
He was informative and friendly. Gave sound support and assistance. He gave me options to make the best decision. 
Cynthia, Kew Gardens, NY
Very Good, Very open, very responsive!!!!! Job well done. 
Ronald, Milledgeville, GA
When you are being audited by IRS, you feel like something bad is gonna happen, you need someone to give you comfort and tells you that you are not alone, that we are on your side, my audit representative did exactly that for me, first he tried to educate me, then circumstance of my case and the option I had, and in the end when he was ready to send our responce to IRS, I could tell he spent a lot of time on my case because I worked as a subcontractor he had to go through many receipts I had, I never wanted to be audited but I am glad I had him on my side, Thank you.
Tony, Coraopolis, PA
My situation was a mess with tax information in a storage after selling my house. My audit representative was very patient with me which I greatly appreciated. 
Karen, Huntley, IL
She was extremely helpful, professional and was able to put my mind at ease by answering all of my questions with confidence.
Jameson, Marshall, IL
Had a great one. He answered and explained everything that I had asked. He was timely on responses and extremely friendly. 
Brian, South Lyon, MI
Absolutely fantastic. He communicated wonderfully and consistently so that I always had a reasonable knowledge of what to expect. He did not give me false confidence or overstate the surety of the outcome, but did help to reduce stress. 
Larry, Denver, CO
He handled our case professionally. He was very easy to communicate with. I like the Tax Audit.Com website. It was very user friendly. 
Frank, Calgary, AB

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