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Thanks! | Reviews from October 2015

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in October of 2015.

Although my case was clearly a computer error, I felt pressured by IRS to pay immediately. If I didn't have the professional help and support from TaxAudit.Com, I probably have paid when I really didn't owe anything. Thanks!
Isaac, Everett, WA
My audit representative was very helpful in my audit case. She helped to save me over $2000 in a tax error. I'll make sure to buy Audit Defense every year since this is great service and offers peace of mind.
Tracy, Fremont, CA
For the first time I have had to go through an audit, I could not have been happier having my representative. The experience was wonderful.
Walter, Brandon, MS
Great people to work with. Very professional. Talking with them made me feel like I could trust them and expect the best service possible.
Terry, Melbourne, FL
Great service, good aspirin for IRS headaches.
Adriaan, Windermere, FL
I had a great experience with my audit team. Everything worked out to my advantage and I was very happy with the outcome.
William, Nicholasville, KY
I was so worried when I got the notice from IRS but after talking to the tax audit team I felt completely relieved that my situation will be handled professionally and the outcome was superb. You have an outstanding team and I will not hesitate to recommend Tax Audit team to anybody confronted with the same dilemma I went through. More power to your team and God Bless.
Romeo, Dunnellon, FL
I was very happy I had chosen TaxAudit, it helped me to address my case very easily with no stress given the short time I had to respond and my busy schedule. Thank you TaxAudit team.
Jorge, Mountain View, CA
I will always use Turbo Tax service and highly recommend the use of TaxAudit when necessary. I first went to an IRS office and they were to busy to help me, their phone service suggested that I go back to their offices and desperation motivated me to turn to TaxAudit. Your services took over and I am so pleased with the service you provided. That you very much.
Marcia, Winchester, CA
I would not think of filing taxes without buying I've had three situations where the government had made a mistake, and the service saved me hundreds of dollars by figuring out the error. Way to go!
Pamela, Annapolis, MD
I would recommend that everyone take advantage of this service each year. In this day and age with the IRS being more aggressive and more difficult to deal with this service is priceless!
David, Tinton Falls, NJ
My audit rep was a great source of relief for us! She told us exactly what to do and what to expect. It all went down just as she said. She took the stressful situation and made it come out right.
Sandra, Sherwood, AR
My audit was handled in a very professional manor. My audit representative made the audit a pleasurable experience, if you can say that in the same sentence. He was relentless to answer every single question and when he replied the answers were clear and to the point. He would often answer the next question before I could ask it. I am a banker working as a controller in Switzerland and in my opinion my audit representative not only met my expectations but managed to surpass them. In my environment we deal with complex government regulations but he managed to explain the IRS complexity and requirements easy to understand. I would recommend my audit representative and the services he represents at taxaudit.
Victor, Weesen, Switzerland

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