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Your representatives were very professional | TaxAudit

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in May of 2014.

I can honestly say that my expectations were met and exceeded with this experience! I often believed TaxAudit was the right way to go and now I'm confident it is the "only" way to go!
Aaron, Mission Viejo, CA
I didn't know it would be so easy and a lot of the stress I was feeling went away. I am very happy and satisfied with the service gave me. I will definitely be buying audit protection for years to come from
Jaclyn, San Diego, CA
I have no complaints whatsoever. Your representatives were very professional and polite each time we spoke. If I ever have a similar problem in the future I sincerely hope that I can speak with the same person who worked with me on these recent issues.
Elmer, Mayo, FL
I knew dealing with the IRS was going to be the a very stressful experience. I have always paid the extra $ to have the Tax Audit services when doing my Turbo Tax return and it paid off this year saving me almost $800 which the IRS was erroneously charging me.
Danny, Eugene, OR
I was very pleased with my service. I will highly recommend you to anyone who asks and anticipate retaining your services every year.
Donald, Fort Worth, TX
IRS audits are inherently very stressful, even when I had all of my support documents. My representative was extremely knowledgeable, walking me through each step and providing the "professional firewall" between me and the auditor. My audit representative put me at ease and helped me feel more confident about the probable outcome.
Susan, Grand Junction, CO
My audit representative was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He walked me through step by step on what to expect making what could have easily been one of the worst experiences in my life almost a breeze. The fact that I never even had one single conversation with the IRS, because my audit representative handled everything for me, amazes me! My audit representative not only answered every question and concern I had, but also gave me sense of comfort that he was here for me going through this ordeal with me. I know for a fact without the help of him this would have turned out much different. My friend was audited years ago and still to this day is having to deal with the IRS and is completely miserable. My experience has been the complete opposite! Please let my audit representative know he is much appreciated!
Theresa, North Charleston, SC
Receiving a tax audit notification was rather unnerving. My audit representative provided excellent guidance in gathering the requisite documents and invaluable assistance in resolving the issue, resulting in a "no change" decision from the IRS. One of the best investments I've ever made (both money and peace of mind).
Mark, San Antonio, TX
Very pleased with my TaxAudit representation during a stressful audit.
William, Wilmington, DE

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