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Tax Audit Defense was brilliant | Reviews from July 2015

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in July of 2015.

Our Tax Representative made follow-up contact with us following the IRS review of our case to apprise and advise us on how to proceed in bringing our case to closure with the IRS. Our tax representative greatly eased our anxieties and diminished our stressors because the Power of Attorney authorized her to communicate with the IRS. My husband and I greatly appreciate our rep’s advice and expertise, as well as the service she performed on our behalf.
Jeanette, Starkville, MS
My tax representative was super awesome. I couldn't have had a better (albeit scary) tax situation. Our rep was patient, helpful, very informative and kind. Super awesome. Give him a bonus and a trophy. Awesome.
Tia, Woodbury, NJ
Tax Audit Defense was brilliant. This is the highest value tax service. I will continue using Tax Audit Defense until I no longer have to file taxes.
Amy, Los Angeles, CA
My reps were great. I felt very confident that they researched my situation thoroughly and professionally. Even though they concluded that I did indeed owe the IRS, they offered suggestions for me to avoid my errors in the future.
Paula, Pensacola, FL
I was really impressed with everyone and the service was great - I really can't believe how professional the whole service was and is.
Peter, Winnetka, IL
Thank you so much, TAC, for your Amazing service, for your support, help, consideration and professionalism! I am Extremely Satisfied for the Service you and your team provide in my case! I will definitely highly recommend tax audit service because of the way you handled my case! God Bless You!!!!!!!
Janice, Venice, FL
My representative was extremely knowledgeable and patient with me through the audit process.
Brodgerick, Katy, TX

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