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It was nice to have another voice while dealing with the IRS

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in September of 2017.

Awesome professional and efficient. I could not have been more pleased and impressed.
Kenneth, Eureka, CA
Courteous, good-humored, efficient and effective communication, great follow-ups and status updates. 
Herndon, Littleton, CO
My audit representative has resulted in satisfactory resolution in both of my IRS audits. He is prompt in returning any communication I've had with him and is very clear regarding any action I needed to take. Thank you. 
Delane, Vallejo, CA
Excellent. Very satisfied with their handling of my IRS case and the positive results on my behalf. Will not hesitate to recommend their services to friends and relatives.  
Carlos, Coral Gables, FL
My audit representative has been accessible in written dialogue as well as on the phone throughout the tax audit process. He is knowledgeable and professional. He explained relevant information clearly to us.
Charles, Indianapolis, IN
Fundamentally, my audit representative took care of it. He was careful to make sure I was in the loop on anything important so I was assured that things were progressing normally and everything was in control. Outside of ensuring that minimal paperwork was in my audit representative's hands to handle the case, I had to do precisely nothing -- and in the end, I got a $75 check from the IRS!
Edward, Medina, WA
He knew the system and what the IRS was looking for and his instructions on how I should answer their questions were terrific. I could not have achieved the same results on my own. He was indispensible.    
Henry, Fort Lauderdale, FL
He was invariably kind and patient with me, explaining exactly what I should do in language I could understand. He did all direct communication with the IRS and helped resolve an error on my audit, which resulted in thousands of dollars of savings for me. Not a fun experience, getting audited and all, but I'm very glad I signed up for your service. My audit representative made it as stress free as it could possibly be.
Annette, Newberg, OR
I believe he did an excellent job, informative, patient and took his time explaining to me what we would be doing to remedy my problem. 
Edward, Rocky Point, NY
My audit representative is a consummate professional who is extremely talented and relentless in fighting for the client's right. When I saw no light at the end of the tunnel and had nothing left to go on, he stuck with me and kept pushing and encouraged to continue. He was fearless and tenacious in all his effort to advocate client's interest. Much to my surprise, my audit was eventually dropped and he was the first to congratulate and share the good news with me. My experience with him was much more than just a tax audit - it was inspiring. Winning or losing would not have diminished one bit how I felt about working with you. I wish I can pass it forward honoring the way you helped me. It was truly an awesome experience to have worked with you. God bless.
Kyung, Franklinville, NJ
Very comforting, and assuring. It was nice to have another voice while dealing with the IRS. A mistake had been made on our part that was enlarged, and he did a great job of minimizing the pain. 
Edward, Plano, IL
When I got the letter from IRS, I panicked. Then I remembered I had purchased the Turbo Tax protection plan. So I called TaxAudit. From the first momment I spoke with the representative there, I was impressed. She was very informative of all the details and timelines and what to expect. Then I can connected with my audit representative and he was great. We talked on the phone and he was reassuring that I may just have omitted to "check a box" while doing my taxes on Turbo Tax and not to worry. I was anxious but knowing that I had someone experienced and on my side advocating for me like him was priceless. When I got the final IRS letter stating case closed and I didn't owe any money, I was ecstatic! Well worth the protection plan I paid!! Thank you for everything!
Katherine, San Jose, CA

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