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My experience with TaxAdudit was amazing

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in March of 2021.

My tax professional handled everything. I was supposedly owing $8,000 in additional taxes. But the final billing has me getting an $11 refund. Richard was my professional and he was thorough and courteous.
Donna, Riverside, CA
Tisa was a wonderful advocate for me. She was very patient and understanding. I trusted her to be thorough of my case and knew that she would keep tabs on its progress for me.
Gretchen, Chicago, IL
William was great to work with and handled multiple rounds of our case until it was settled.
Joshua, Pasco, WA
It's very confusing dealing with IRS, but tax audit walked me thru all the steps necessary, and made it easy.
David, Mountain View, CA
Dominic was very professional and greatly helped to reduce the pain and fear of dealing with the IRS.
Edward, Belair, MD
He was great, very thorough, guiding me during a challenging experience.
Jeffrey, Hancock, MD
My experience with TaxAdudit was amazing. Lance was very professional and went far and beyond for me as I'm sure he does with all his clients. He showed compassion while doing his job and completing it to the best of his abilities. He just didn't make it his job. He made it his goal to help his clients. Stand up employee for you guys. If ever in the future. I will want him to represent me. He represents your company. Thank you again for all your help.
Myshawn, Evansville, IN
Rob gave us outstanding service and obtained an excellent outcome with regard to our tax problem.
Paul, Stuart, FL
Attentive and was kept in constant communication with, even during the added stress of Covid times.
Darrel, Scottsdale, AZ
He was very professional and help me with all the questions I had he went above & beyond any expectations I had and I would highly recommend his help or services to my friends and family thank you for all your help.
Ruben, Fresno, CA
My experience was so amazing. I didn't have to worry about anything. I was updated on any and all information. He took his time with me and made sure I understood everyone. All I have to say is thank you Tan. Owww, I forgot to say that I didn't have to speak to the IRS for anything. I have so much positive information. It has been such a true Blessing for me. Tan is a Blessing. Thank you Tax Audit and Thank You Tan
Danyasha, Indianapolis, IN
Excellent. Went through all the contested items and was guided to provided the kind of documentation that would pass muster.
Doree, New York, NY
Great communications and follow-up. Clearly understood the issue and persisted through multiple rounds with the IRS to get it solved.
Gregory, Cary, NC
Binjayini was so helpful and professional at the same time. She has made me feel much better about the audit throughout . She was able to break things down to me on a layman's level. I really appreciated all her help.
Tyra, Ralph, AL
Our experience was fantastic. Mary did an excellent job from day 1 explaining the process, explaining how she was going to help us and really made us feel very comfortable. The IRS letters are very confusing and scary but Mary put us at ease and handled everything.
James, Corona, CA
Exceeded all expectations. When I bought TaxAudit each year when doing taxes with Turbo Tax, I was always somewhat skeptical about what value I would receive if I ever was contacted by IRS. I could NOT be more pleased at how thorough, diligent and persistent Cara was to reach a favorable conclusion with the IRS. Great job, I am a fan and will continue to purchase TaxAudit services each year. Thank You
Paul, Napa, CA

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