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TaxAudit Audit Defense Reviews from July 2019

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in July of 2019.

My wife and I were being audited by the State of Alabama which to me was a very intimidating thing to add to my very exhausting daily work schedule and life. Luckily I had prepaid TaxAudit for that year. After being contacted by TaxAudit and by Cara my anxiety about going through an audit was reduce to very little. She talked me through the process and what she needed to complete her response to the state auditor. Her wealth of knowledge and her reassurance throughout the entire process was very welcoming and calming. We did not have to meet up or have any kind of contact with the state auditor as Cara represented us with the audit being closed with an amazing outcome. I will always have TaxAudit as a backup every year.
Jeremy, Gulf Shores, AL
Bill was very helpful throughout this process.  I was updated frequently so I never felt like I was lost or forgotten in the long list of people I'm sure he's having to work with.  A big thanks to Bill for helping me understand what my next steps are.
John, San Diego, CA
Alex did absolute great job calling and talking directly with me to make sure all concerns were addressed and that I was fully aware on the work process, what actions I needed to take, and timing estimates.
Scott, Grand Blanc, MI
Natalie and the team were exceptional in handling my case. if I asked the same question 20 different ways so that I had a clear understanding of what I was dealing with, they answered professionally and with patience. from the very first phone conversation I was treated as if my case was the only case that existed and was the most important thing in the world. where I felt unsure and fear, they assured me that I had their support and they would fight until the end, which they did.
Robert, Oakley, CA
The representatives were courteous, efficient, and quick to respond. I heartedly endorse TaxAudit and its personnel and services.
Richard, Springfield, VA
Jason was very professional and helpful and I feel that he was willing to devote whatever time was necessary to me and my case.
Joseph, Laurel Park, NC
Rachel called me every week to inform me what was going on with my case. I loved that personal experience, you don't get that from other companies.
Kathleen, Cranston, IL
It was my very first time dealing with an audit. Every year I buy TaxAudit and never had to use it. The process was painless and the service I received from my Tax Advisor was excellent. He kept me calm and worry-free. Excellent communication via app and telephone. He explained to me the process and how it was going to be handled. He got it all taken care of by IRS deadline. Just received a notice from IRS nothing due now. Thank you soooo much.
Angel, Thousand Oaks, CA
Amazing. She walked us through a complicated process very very quickly and got us to a great resolution. Amazing individual!
Marcus, Sudbury, MA
The IRS went from telling me I owe 16k to issuing a 1k refund.
Rebecca, Bradley, IL
It was very easy to work with Mary and TaxAudit, even remotely. Mary was able to clearly explain to me exactly what the issues were, and she handled all the communication with the IRS. The result was that I got the best result that I think I could hope for. Mary was also very communicative, so I never felt like I was 'out of the loop' or that I didn't understand what was going on.
Matthew, Lynnwood, WA
Adrianna was a great professional and she made the whole process flow efficiently. Also, she was very patient and kind with me. Her follow up was great. Thank you for making an upsetting situation easy.
Dayle, Mesa, AZ
Maryam was professional, understanding and efficient. She took care of business and very personable. Made me feel a sense of relief.
Isidra, Revere, MA
An outstanding professional, and courteous. Eased, and resolved a hardship experience! Thank you Mrs. Monticello, and thank you TaxAudit Service for having such a wonderful staff.
Yehia, Claremont, CA
She was always helpful with my audit. She was able to answer all my questions. She took the time to explain what was going on.
Edward, South Charleston, OH
The experience was excellent. I only needed to gather tax documents and Tax Audit took care of the rest. They did an excellent job! Very pleased. I initially owed over $2700 to the IRS but after evaluation I only owed $63!
Eric, Louisville, KY

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