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I really couldn't have asked for a better experience!!!!

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in June of 2018.

He was very responsive, and told me exactly what I needed. He gave me a scenario of what to expect. I would recommend Tax Audit to anyone looking for assistance!
Susan, Carol Stream, IL
Very concise. Great at following through on call backs. Easy to reach. Very reassuring.
Marcus, Los Angeles, CA
Absolutely wonderful and calming as I was a little upset over receiving this notice from the IRS.
Kenneth, Ashburn, VA
Wonderful! My audit representative was extremely helpful throughout the entire IRS audit process. He explained everything and followed up on a regular basis with IRS and my family to let us know about the progress of our case. I can't thank him enough for his great work. Thank you and I will always buy Tax Audit protection from now on when I file taxes in the future.
Nursha, Middletown, MD
You were awesome kept me in the loop whenever anything needed to be done you filled me right away and even made sure he called me to ensure I knew what to do when things weren't in his hands anymore I really couldn't have asked for a better experience!!!!
Ricardo, Las Cruces, NM
I received a letter from the IRS saying I owed $5,000 on my 2016 return. My audit representative looked at it and said they owed me money. The IRS later agreed to pay me $177. Well done!
Jennifer, Laguna Woods, CA
Excellent. Very quick to respond to messages, and willingly spent as much time as I needed answering my questions. Thanks again!
Alexander, York, ON
Very professional, supportive, responsive, and empathetic to my situation. Worked with me to get the IRS inquiry closed on the first round with no fees or penalties.
James, Palm Springs, CA
This is my third audit with My audit representaive is great to work with- prompt in responding to questions, thorough, and very effective in dealing with the IRS. In this latest audit he uncovered errors in the IRS post-audit results that cut the amount we had to pay by two thirds to a very small amount, a great outcome for this audit.
David, Campbell, CA
I would argue that for any average tax payer, getting mail from the IRS pointing out some mistake or mismatch in a tax return is scary, to say at least: although I do my own taxes (and have been doing it for the last 2 decades), I am not tax expert enough to even understand what the problem might have been in my case. But with the TaxAudit service, the problem was solved (or rather, the misunderstanding cleared up) in an an absolutely painless and professional way. The confidence of the staff, their willingness to explain the situation to me in detail, really reduced my stress level enormously. Even the overall outcome of the process was highly positive: I was worried that my mistake would cause me to owe even more taxes to the IRS, but it turned out I even got an (additional) refund. Extremely positive experience, overall. Absolutely worth the money.
Stefan, Oakland, CA
He was very diligent, detailed and provided us great feedback in a timely fashion. He was able to organize all of our paperwork and present it in a manner that was efficient and effective. He handled all of the correspondence with the IRS and was able to achieve outcome far better that what we have hoped for. We highly recommend his service as he provided us excellent representation as well as tax services. 
Vahe, Canyon Country, CA
She was very comforting and informative. An audit is scary, & it raises the anxiety level. She left me feeling calmer & feeling like it would be handled. I am grateful for that alone. My representative was great & very helpful. Thanks!
Jacquelyn, Nesbit, MS
Dear Turbotax and Tax Audit:I am writing to let you know my wonderful Tax Audit experience with my audit representative. Yes, I said it was a wonderful experience, I think not many people could say that.I am a loyal customer of Turbotax for more than a decade. I love the power the Turbotax put in the hand of the lay people like me so we can file tax by ourselves without intermediate person. This make tax filing more accurate, efficiency, less stressful and save time and money. I purchased the Tax Audit protection program every year since it's offered by Turbotax as an insurance. The fee was so reasonable, I doubted I will get much services out of it. When I received the IRS audit letter Sep. 2016. I was panic like most of the other people. I contacted Tax Audit right away and they emailed me the necessary paperwork I have to import through their portal. Everything was so clear and efficient, I was talking to my assigned audit representative within 2 days. He has this special talent of making me relax whenever I talked to him. He always assure me everything is under control and stop worrying. One year and 9 month is not a long time for IRS case, but it's a long time when you are being audited. I lost my patience several times. My representative always assured me that this is how long the regular IRS procedures take. He will call me when he heard from IRS and he always answer my call right away. The people from Tax Audit checked with me periodically to make sure I received all the help I need. When I received the letter from IRS that they are not recommending any changes to my tax return, I was overjoyed. Which means after their intensive investigation, they found me not guilty. Everyone I knew had to pay some penalty when they were audited. My life was filled with gratification, to God, my audit representative, men and women working for Tax Audit and Turbotax. Thank you all for providing the excellent system and service to regain my faith that they are miracles in life and there are goodness in our society and Tax system. I recommend TurboTax service to any one who is interested in handling their own tax and Tax Audit is a real bargain you must add for your protection.
Wendy, Long Branch, NJ
I purchased service first in 2014 through TurboTax just in case I get audited by the IRS. I totally forgot about the purchase until I got a letter (about my 2015 tax-return filing) from the IRS in May 2017. Nobody could imagine how terrified I was by the letter! My whole body was trembling, and I could not even breathe correctly. I did not even have the gut to look into my tax files for a while. Finally, I reviewed my 2015 tax-return files and found that I had purchased a service for 2015. This gave me some relief that I was not alone against the IRS. However, before I contacted the, I reviewed some customer reviews of services on many different websites. I found that a lot of the reviews were very negative such as saying that was looking for ways not to represent the client and just focusing on closing the case. Thus, I did not expect much when I actually contacted in June 2017. The company assigned me an agent in my area. When I had the first conversation with him on the phone, he was very enthusiastic about helping me, which was totally unexpected. More importantly, he convinced me that I would not have to terrified by or scared of the IRS letter, and that receiving a letter from the IRS does not mean that I am dishonest or bad because everybody makes a mistake. When I met him in person, I finally started trusting him because I found that he really wanted to help me. He explained what the IRS meant about each section of the letter and what I need to do for the sections to defend myself from the IRS. I found all of the receipts that he asked me to find for each section of my tax file and made several binders for the receipts. While I was preparing for all of these, I had many questions and talked with him on the phone many times. This was because he told me that I could call him anytime, even at night and weekends. I am sure that I have been one of the most annoying clients he has ever had in his almost 20 years of tax-preparation professional career because I called him so many times with stupid questions. Whenever I called him, however, he was extremely kind and explained his answers repeatedly and patiently to my questions. Sometimes, I even thought that he did not have any personal life because he helped me almost immediately whenever I needed his help. He filed my response to the IRS letter on my behalf in July 2017. Several months later, he also contacted the supervisor of my IRS examiner when he found that the examiner had not done what she was supposed to do. This means that he was more knowledgeable than some of the IRS examiners regarding the procedures of IRS investigations. I checked my mail every single day for eight months until I finally got another letter from the IRS, and meanwhile my audit representative was very supportive of me and helped me not worry about the possible outcome. I received a letter from the IRS that was an evaluation of/conclusion about my case in March 2018. My audit representative asked me to find what kind of documents and receipts and sent the second response to the IRS. In May 2018, I finally received the final letter for closing the case, which stated that I do not owe any additional taxes. From the time that I got the first letter to the time that I got the final letter from the IRS, I was under extreme pressures. However, my audit representative was dedicated to his career as a tax-preparation professional who helps his clients with dealing with the IRS. He was very thorough when preparing his responses to the IRS on behalf of his clients. His supervisors in also worked with him to ensure the quality of his services that were provided to the clients. Most importantly, he was also very empathetic about his clients' feelings and emotions related to the stresses that were involved in dealing with the IRS.
Kyung, Gaithersburg, MD
My audit representaive has been amazing - she helped us to successfully get through TWO audits!! Going through an audit can be very scary, and it felt as if our lives were "on hold" while we were waiting for the results. In addition, the IRS usually sends the first letter right before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. This makes it more stressful because so many business are closed during this time...and there is a short time limit to respond to the first letter. My audit representative helped us get through the experience with minimal stress (as much as possible) by explaining the process and the typical timeline. She helped us set goals for all the required information that were realistic and mindful of holiday schedules. She took time from her own holidays to answer questions and reassure us! Her patience, knowledge, and professionalism helped me to understand what documents I needed to gather, where I could get the information if my records were incomplete....and how to stay calm during the process. She kept in touch with us throughout the process (even when the IRS ignored us for several months). She worked closely with the IRS to help us, and she was able to let us know the results before the IRS even sent us the final letters! Your company is very blessed to have her on staff...and we sincerely appreciate all her help (but we hope we don't need her services again)!
Glennda, Zebulon, NC

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