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Made the process a breeze | Reviews from February 2017

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in February of 2017.

Super helpful. Did an amazing job of explaining everything to me, was very prompt with call backs and responses via the portal. Overall he made the process a breeze.
Scott, Fredericksburg, VA
My audit representative was the epitome of professionalism. It was a pleasure to deal with him. The resolution was swift and we were in constant contact every step of the way. Should a problem arise in the future he will be the go-to person I'll look for. Additionally I have recommended Tax Audit to several of my associates. Again thank you for your SUPER service. 
Phillip, Port Saint Lucie, FL
Based on my experience with my audit representative I rated Tax Audit a 10. I would highly recommend Tax Audit to my family and friends  He reviewed my return and my issue was resolve the same day. Great service!! Thank you again for your assistance.  
Wanda, Mount Rainier, MD
Efficient, helpful and communicative!
Jillian, New York, NY
Excellent follow-up, attention to details and confident in her consults. As many "IRS" targets, I was defensive, aggravated and unsure of the process. My audit represenative handled my "attitude" answered my questions and provided knowledgeable guidance to me through the entire experience.
Henry, Savannah, GA
Excellent, everything was resolved without issue. I provided documentation, taxaudit took care of the rest. Amazing! 
Reinaldo, Ashburn, VA
Excellent. Informative and professional. It was clear from the first conversation with my audit representative I could not have found a better guide to help me navigate this audit. Courteous and frank, he explained the ins and outs of the process in such a way that I felt confident and assured of a positive outcome. Without question, the expense for his services provided by TaxAudit are worth every penny and then some. I cannot thank you enough.
Braxton, Encino, CA
Fast, professional, and resolved the issue in an easy manner. Great experience.
Edward, Rockaway, NJ
My audit representative was always extremely responsive, attentive and transparent. He didn't mind all of my remedial questions and was very professional. I felt like he was working for a member of his family. 
Scott, Avon, OH
I am very happy with my audit representative. She really did everything to help me with my case. She explained everything to me regarding my case and what to expect after submitting the information. There was a time that I thought everything we did will end up in nothing because IRS sent me a letter telling their final decision regardless of what we did, but still she didn't give up. She gave me some advice and did something to have the decision turn in our favor. Thank you very much. Tax Audit made a good decision of hiring you to represent people like us. With your ability and knowledge, I know you can help more people like me. More power to you. God bless you and your family. 
Donato, La Puente, CA
Very professional and timely in all required work, as well as with all communications.  Resolved our tax issues with the IRS with the best expected outcome.
Patricia, Gilbert, AZ
When we first talked to our audit representative on the phone about the audit notice, we were very nervous about what to expect from the IRS. Our fears quickly resided when we met with him at his office and he explained everything to us in detail. Not only was he very knowledgeable about the tax laws, he was very personal with us, helping us feel comfortable in dealing with the IRS. We felt that we were in great hands having him on our side. The end result was a big surprise for us. After representing us at the audit, our audit representative informed us that the IRS actually owed us more money instead of the other way around. We're not saying that we would welcome another audit in our lifetime, but if we had to do it all over again, we would want him on our side. Thank you again! 
Nicholas, San Francisco, CA

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