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I am so glad that I decided to purchase TaxAudit protection

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in December of 2014.

As painful and soul searching as it is when you receive an audit notification, the audit itself went smoothly with the help of
Alicia, Santa Ana, CA
Excellent and well worth the annual fee from Turbo Tax. Managed the process, kept us on track and provided helpful advice. We had never experience an audit and were very nervous but our audit representative took away all the stress and fear.
Jay, Manhattan Beach, CA
I am so glad that I decided to purchase TaxAudit protection when I filed my return. Even though I had never been audited, and was sure there was no reason I would be - sure enough it happened. The service and support from TaxAudit was excellent. One of the best decisions I ever made. Thanks!
Clinton, Cary, NC
I must admit when contacted by the IRS I was a little nervous, but when I contacted Tax Audit I immediately felt I could relax. My coordinator and representative made it very easy by thoroughly explaining each step I must do. I'm not a real wizard on the computer but my audit representative was so patient with me, and put me at ease with her kindness and keeping me informed of each step that was coming. On the first submission the IRS came back with me owing around $1,100 and I was all set to send in a check but my audit representative said that wasn't acceptable. She gave me a couple of suggestions and resubmitted the claim to which a no change to the original tax return came through, which saved me that $1,100 dollars.
Janet, Kalamazoo, MI
I received IRS notice stating I need to pay $9000 regarding retirement income reported in K1 and few other misc items. I was scared and without tax audit's help I'd have just paid that amount. With timely, courteous, and professional help and knowing they are there to support I got that erased and instead filed an amendment resulting in $7887 refund to me. I can't imaging filing my taxes without purchasing TaxAudit in future.
Neha, Fremont, CA
My audit representative was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the process. My experience was very favorable, and I intend to share this with others and include Tax Audit support on future returns.
Kevin, Mulberry, FL
My 2010 taxes were audited by the IRS, who claimed my monthly retirement checks was income from being self-employed. It took me 18 months to resolve the issue alone, and without a clear-cut disposition. Then in September 2014, the same issue arose again on my 2012 tax return. This time I called on the experts at for help, who acted on my behalf without me dealing face-to-face with the IRS. In early December I received a written notice from the IRS stating,"… the information you provided resolved the tax issue in question and that our inquiry is now CLOSED (emphasis added by me). Amount due: $0.00." I am grateful to the team for the efficient and professional manner in which they removed the tremendous potentially financial and emotional burden that my wife and I were carrying. Thanks, team!
Lawrence, Reedville, VA
No one likes an audit, but I really felt my needs were well taken care of. My audit representative did a great job of guiding me through step by step. I was informed throughout the whole process, and was very satisfied with the services provided.
David, Grand Junction, CO
Not only did my audit representative help us resolve with a favorable finding, he was able to reduce our monetary load by convincing the agent to eliminate penalties. And he made suggestion for future accounting and filing procedures to reduce potential issues.
Gene, Custer, SD
This has been a great experience. Their professionalism and competence made this experience extremely easy to handle. My most sincere thanks to them and to TaxAudit, I will continue to sign-up for your audit protection on all my future filings!
Daniel, Southern Pines, NC

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