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I felt understood and in good hands with Tax Audit!

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in April of 2018.

My audit representaive was truly professional, cooperative, attentive, with a warm non-intimidating manner at all our phone and electronic communications. She readily gave me answers to my questions no matter how trivial or complex they may have seemed now in retrospect. Her timely and efficient correspondence with the IRS resulted in a very significant reduction in my Tax obligations for which I'm grateful, especially for the peace of mind having closed this case.This was a very fruitful experience for me and I would welcome her representation for me in the future.
Richard, West Palm Beach, FL
My audit representative was personable, respectful, organized and persistent in dealing with my state tax assessment. He researchd the issue and when he encountered a bureaucratic hurdle dealing with the state contact he was focused and knowledgeable about rules and qualifications, enabling him to point out that there was no reason to deny my claim. Consequently, the state withdrew its assessment against me.
Kenneth, Avon, OH
She was VERY easy to work with and is a 'down to earth' person. She walked me through the process and told me EXACTLY what I needed in order to complete the IRS audit in my favor. She made me feel very confident. Don't know if I could have gone through this without her expertise. Certainly would NOT want to find out!
William, Lancaster, VA
Good communicator. Kept us informed on what was happening and where things were headed.
James, Kansas City, MO
Very helpful and friendly!! They really do care about their customers.
Jesus, Mendota, CA
Awesome customer service, secure document exchange, and very professional people.
Christopher, Albany, OR
My audit representative provided excellent service. This is the first IRS notice I've ever received and I was a little nervous about the process and what I would owe. Her first call to me left confident that I would be in good hands and I could relax. Every step of the process she made sure I was comfortable with what was happening. She was so on top of my case that I would get a communication from her, before I'd get the notice from the IRS. I enjoyed working with her.
Barbara, Chicago, IL
I was pleasantly surprise, how easily he drove me thru my troubled waters, and reassured me of what I need to do. I felt reassured that my problems were over.    
Duane, Kent, WA
She was super courteous. Kept me fully informed of both my state and federal audits. She did much hand holding to ease the angst. In the end, FINALLY got full refunds from the state and IRS. 
Jack, Novato, CA
I was audited by the IRS. My agent had anticipated getting the audit charge reduced but the TaxAudit team got my audit charges completely removed! I will definitely continue my membership with TaxAudit! 
Mickey, Louin, MS
My audit representative displayed that he was very knowledgable on the initial Tax Audit call, with a perfect blend of friendliness and professionalism.  He explained the steps in the audit process and the associated timelines very clearly.  I felt understood and in good hands with Tax Audit!
Sandy, Leamington, ON
I was the victim of a SCAM phone call in 2018 in which they claimed to be The Internal Revenue Service. It was very scary. They gave me a phone number to call, or risk being Arrested. It was so comforting to have a professional person to contact for help. This was well worth the cost, my fears were put to rest after an investagation by Tax Audit. I will purchase this every Year upon filling my FEDERAL INCOME TAX.
Betty, Plant City, FL

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