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I was indeed very happy with her service

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in May of 2018.

My audit representative was very professional, courteous and responsive resolving our tax issue in a short period of time. I was indeed very happy with her service and most happy to recommend this to others.
Wolfram, Santa Monica, CA
Knowledgeable, friendly, proactive, gave us copies of electronic records when we failed to keep them. Efficient and found a way to save us interest and get penalty waived.
Gary, Chester, VA
My audit representative was great to work with. Very accommodating, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. He was able to answer all of my questions above and beyond my expectations.
Scott, Malone, NY
My representative was immediately able to calm me down. My emotions were very high after receiving a letter from the IRS yesterday. She took the time to walk me through the process and what I needed to do to get things rolling.
Brian, Painted Post, NY
My audit representative was very helpful to us she provided the information we needed to take care of the tax matter. We really appreciate the attention our audit representative has given us in taking care of the tax situation. Thank you we are happy we added this service when we completed our taxes.
Gardenia, San Diego, CA
My audit representative is a polite, professional and very capable tax expert. She created a plan to win our case and followed through on it, by gently requesting the documents she needed to submit to IRS. We won our case. I doubt we'd have had the knowledge or resources to do it alone.
Sixto, Wantagh, NY
Very positive very reassuring I was worried and nervous about the whole ordeal and she helped me be more comfortable with it and she helped me to understand the process.
Bart, Leander, TX
Very positive and informative. Guided me through the entire process. Kept me informed of any updates and the next steps of what I could expect or needed to complete.
Claudette, Auburndale, FL
Feel a little more at ease about the situation after talking with my audit representative. She always made me feel that no question asked was stupid or issues I may have, she'd take the time with me. Assuring me about the process always said she was available.
Terry, Murrieta, CA
Consummate professional. Always available or returns calls within a day. Honest and upfront, did not sugar coat anything. Took a negative situation and turned it into a positive one.
Michael, Honolulu, HI
Very professional and easy to talk to. He understood the situation immediately and took care of it efficiently. Always kept me informed throughout the process and took his time to answer all my questions. I'm very satisfied.
Daniel, Roswell, GA
My audit representative was very efficient and thorough. She quickly took care of my situation with the IRS and resolved it. I really appreciate everything she did and she was very professional and friendly in the process! Thank you so much!!
Sandra, Cumby, TX
My audit representative was so easy to work with. He explained every step of what was happening and made sure I was clear on all the details. He helped me understand where the numbers were coming from and exactly what I needed to provide. He made an intimidating situation feel straightforward and made me feel at ease throughout.
Harold, Breckenridge, CO
My audit representative immediately had clear instructions for submitting documents he needed to remedy the issue on my 2016 Federal Return. He promptly reviewed the issue, recalculated and resolved the issue completely with the IRS, proving that I owed zero additional tax. I was confident that he was always 'on top' of my issue with up to date correspondence. He worked quickly so that my family's college FAFSA was not upheld for any reason. He was well suited for resolving issues like mine. I wish him the very best and hope all customers can have the positive experience that I had during such a confusing and worrisome time.
Aimee, Oklahoma City, OK
My audit representative was incredibly professional and unbelievably helpful. His diligence and knowledge put our worries at ease about how to handle our audit situation. It is more than worth the cost of purchasing an audit service in case the situation arises that an audit happens. I'm thrilled that we used the services of TaxAudit.
Tyler, Louisville, MO
This was my first contact with TaxAudit. I was very pleased. I am in my late 80s and hard of hearing and wear hearing aids. My audit represenative was very pleasant and when told of my infirmities she was pleasant and did not seem to mind repeating herself for my convenience and took it slow and comfortable for me. She also made sure I understood as we went along. Grade A+.
Robert, Saint Albans, MO

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