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Friendly, responsive, and really listened to my problem.

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in October of 2017.

Professional and excellent.
Steven, Caldwell, NJ
He was thorough, sized up the situation quickly, and walked me through every step. He calmed me down when I felt panicked. 
Linda, Seattle, WA
Communicated well, very polite, worked with all my needs.
Walton, Marshall, TX
My audit representative was both extremely professional and patient, clearly explaining all required steps with my IRS audit, and he made it very clear at each step any expectations, documents required etc... 
Marc, Morgan Hill, CA
My audit representative was extremely helpful throughout this very stressful situation I went through with the IRS. She was very prompt in all of her responses to my questions, and she answered all the questions I had.      
Hilary, Austin, MN
Explained things well, got everything done and submitted to the IRS on time, good communication and follow up.
Tracy, Huntington Beach, CA
My audit representative was on top of my audit from the very beginning. She has the knowledge and expertise to bring more than satisfactory results, and she used them to ratify the heavy burden of an audit and give her client peace of mind to the end.
Michael, Montgomery, TX
My experience with everyone on the TaxAudit team with whom I worked was excellent - nothing short of professional.
Jeffrey, Arlington, TX
Great service! Walked me through everything I needed to know and I never felt rushed. When I would fall behind and forget to call, she would send friendly reminders. Took care of the tax issue completely! 
Francesco, Henderson, NV
Very professional and knows how to gather all information needed. He answered all my questions in a manner I can understand.
Raymond, Woodbridge, VA
Friendly, responsive, and really listened to my problem. I really felt that my audit represenative was defending me and cared about an outcome that was fair and just. Communication was prompt and to the point. Definitely a positive experience for me in a stressful time.
Gregory, Seguin, TX
Very professional, polite and very easy to communicate. Handle the case properly and I am very satisfied with his help. Thanks.
Linda, Plano, TX
She was friendly and professional. Handled our case efficiently and gave us estimated timelines for the IRS to complete their review.
Wayne, Frederick, MD
Every person at Tax Audit who dealt with my case was extremely professional, helpful, caring and fully engaged.
Lawrence, Oak Bluffs, MA
Very happy I used the service. I plan to sign up again next year.
Dan, Evansville, IN

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