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Great experience! Great communication! Strongly recommend!

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in May of 2023.

I was able to discuss this audit with Eduardo and he talked through the process and what the best course of action would be. He handled all correspondence with the IRS- which was a great relief. 
Jeffrey, Delaware, OH
 Excellent work and explained everything from beginning to end.  Walked me through everything.
Craig, Milpitas, CA
 Very communicative expert with lot of patience to explain and provide answers.
Ilan, San Diego, CA
 Great experience! Great communication! Strongly recommend!
Jun, Carmel, IN
 Betty could not have been more helpful.  She was quick to analyze the problem and come up with a solution.  Thank you.
Alan, Bay City, MI
From start to finish, I was treated with great professionalism and exemplary customer service.  Eda did an outstanding job in representing my case with the IRS. Communication was excellent throughout the process. Eda took the time to understand the unique details of my case and made me feel like a valued customer. I will continue to use this service because of the way I was treated by my case representative. Thank you!
Craig, Bellefontaine, OH
TaxAudit was an easy process.  After submitting my initial request, a coordinator contacted me and set me up with Alan as my Accountant/Advocate.  Alan provided outstanding support, and was very professional. He prepared me for the worst case scenario and requested comprehensive detail, to best represent and ensure the Audit went smoothly. He also provided a full interface with the IRS, to shied the client during the process. Alan worked with the IRS Auditor before the meeting as well, to ensure we were covering all of his concerns & had the information needed. In the end, I ended up with a small refund (versus a large payment & penalty due).  Many thanks to him and to TaxAudit!  
Deborah, San Mateo, CA
 We had the nicest, most personable yet professional person helping us through the audit process.
Jacquelyn, Bakersfield, CA
Our experience has been wonderful! The Team was responsive, clear with instructions, made it easy for us to worry less, and it was an end-to-end service; from submitting the corrections to closing the case based on the IRS' confirmation that the issue has been resolved.
Richard, South San Francisco, CA
It is just unnerving to receive a notice of audit, especially when you already spent so much time organizing and submitting your taxes. The people at TaxAudit were very helpful and responsive, and helped me with the details requested by the state. I seriously would have been unable to do it without their expertise!
Leonard, Thorntown, IN
Very professional, crisp communication. He provided regular feedback to me as we handled documentation back and forth. I knew what was going on all along. 
Joseph, West Lafayette, IN
Yasmin was very attentive and responsive.  She helped calm my nerves. She explained everything in a way I could understand. I was grateful to have her on my side.
Jerry, Ventura, CA
My experience has been that TaxAudit agents are on top of things from the start, quick to respond to one's case, communicate ideas on how to proceed, and suggesting both helpful initiatives and suitable explanations.  
Kenneth, Grand Rapids, MI
Once I remembered I had this coverage with my 2021 return, with a less than 30 day deadline approaching. I contacted TaxAudit. I was amazed at the fast ,easy contact, and competent, friendly assistance and follow up. 
Lelia, Rolesville, NC
Jason was very professional and was there for all the questions we had. His knowledge and experience really helped make this as easy as possible. Thanks Jason. 
Brad, Perrysburg, OH
Kali really took the time to listen to all my questions and concerns. She then provided excellent guidance for next steps. She is very knowledgeable and thoroughly did the research to understand my tax situation. I really enjoyed my experience working with Kali and think she is an amazing tax professional.
Michael, Fort Collins, CO

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