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I will renew with TaxAudit every year | TaxAudit Reviews

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in December of 2010.

I believe Tax Resources, Inc. made a stressful situation seem like an everyday occurrence and I cannot say enough about the prompt and courteous service which I received from beginning to end.
E. B., Vincennes, IN
I am beyond impressed with diligence, helpfulness, and effectiveness.
D. T., Brick, NJ
Great service. Thanks! Knowing I had this representation saved me a lot of sleep.
L. R., Palm Beach Gardens, FL
No longer will I question the importance of purchasing this service. I will renew with TaxResources every year.
T. A., Jamestown, NC
I have purchased TaxResources services through TurboTax so for the past 7 years and never really expected to use the service. But I am really grateful that the service was available to me when that IRS notice came in. TaxResources, Inc. dealt with the IRS for me and I didn't have to worry. Thanks.
S. M., Sunland, CA
Tax Resources was able to take the fear out of getting an IRS audit letter, by calmly explaining the process and being proactive to get my audit resolved as quickly as possible.
J. T., Longwood, FL
I can't convey enough positive remarks about my experience with TaxResources, Inc. In the spring of 2010, after trying to handle on my own what I thought was a small tax issue on my 2008 return, the IRS was impossible to deal with. I provided them with OBVIOUS documentation to prove I didn't owe the taxes and penalties they were seeking, but they were relentless and ignored this evidence time and time again. I'm convinced they planned to just wear me down until I wrote them a check! After four months and three rounds with the IRS, I contacted TaxResources, Inc. I sent them all of my IRS correspondence and supporting documents and they took it from there. I didn't have to worry with any of it after that. I learned a big lesson the hard way. When you have TaxResources behind you, the IRS will do the right thing! Thank you, thank you TaxResources! I've been an annual member for many years and never needed your services, but when that day arrived, you were there to prove my case and saved me $1200!!! The time and anxiety spent trying to go up against a giant force like the IRS is a nightmare. I recommend protecting yourself and your tax return each year with their affordable coverage/membership fee per tax return. I wouldn't consider being unprotected.
D. B., Cypress, TX
This is my second occasion to use the Tax Resources tax service and I have been a very satisfied user and will continue using the service for subsequent tax years. Thank you for excellent responsiveness.
N. H., Okinawa, Japan
My representative was professional and despite his recommendation for me to accept the tax assessment, I felt comfortable that he had reviewed my issue thoroughly and presented me with what in our best interest. I would purchase this service again as it provided me valuable guidance.
N. M., Powder Springs, GA

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