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I had a great experience with this company | TaxAudit

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in October of 2016.

Great experience as this was our first time receiving an audit which can be difficult to go through not knowing what to expect. 
Cindy, Gonzales, LA
I had a great experience with this company. Everyone was very friendly and kind to me even though I was stressed and upset over a sudden tax issue coming up that I wasn't prepared to deal with. The team assigned to me explained everything in simple terms, and told me exactly what I needed to do so we could resolve the problem ASAP. They were great, and I'm so happy that everything is resolved so quickly.
Victoria, Moosehorn, MB
I was very pleaseed with my outcome I am recommending Tax Audit. com to my friends.
Gwendolyn, Bakersfield, CA
I am very pleased with the service I was provided. My audit representative did an excellent job resolving my issue with the IRS. I definitely plan to continue to pay for the services and have them available if I need them in the future.
Mark, Spokane, WA
My audit representative was an excellent advocate and a very professional consultant. She earned our trust and eased our minds through this process. Wonderful service.
Brian, Yorktown, VA
I recommend using to anyone faced with a tax audit or Tax Notice. I thought having it always gave me peace of mind, but nothing like having to use it!
Charles, Escondido, CA
Everyone at tax Audit is so professional and kind especially dealing with the IRS can be very stressful. They take the stress off your back and onto theirs. They stay in touch and take care of everything. Always there when you need them. A phone call or email and they respond in a timely manner. I have been a customer for almost 20 years and I couldn't do my taxes with our Turbo tax and I have always taken the insurance and so glad I have. I think you all deserve a raise....
Cynthia, St Thomas, VI
I will ALWAYS use This is my second time receiving a notice from the IRS. My case was a bit arduous and confusing, but my audit representative was professional, prompt, communicative and extremely pleasant. I am so thankful for this service, the fine people at, and for the peace of mind offered throughout the entire process. Thank you!!
Robert, Milford, CT
Very pleased with the service we received. We will continue to purchase the service. 
Victor, Kennett Square, PA
I was surprised at how quickly Tax Audit responded to my issue. They were very professional and made my experience less stressful. Thank You to the Tax Audit Team!  
Timothy, Saskatoon, SK

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