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Amazing job! So pleased.

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in November of 2017.

Amazing job! So pleased. Thank you for representing me and saving me some major cash!
Victor, Marquette, MI
My audit representative was terrific to work with. In a time that we felt helpless, he took charge, told us what to do and not do, and he got the problem with the IRS resolved, quickly and in a timely fashion. He called me yesterday, and informed me the the case was closed and we owed nothing. Of course, the IRS never sent any notification to us, so I thought that it was still under investigation. The extra you spend for TaxAudit coverage, is well worth it. 
James, Virginia Beach, VA
My audit representative is awesome! The IRS has sent me a letter stating that I owed them $,8000 dollars from the previous years taxes. She found the error that I had made and in the end we had a $0 balance and the IRS closed the case and did not have to pay the $8,000. Thank You!
Victor, Mount Juliet, TN
Where to begin, as you probably have heard before getting an audit notice is so stressful. My audit representative's knowledge, professionalism and calming demeanor exceeded my expectations. I really felt like she had a firm grip on what needed to be done.
Michelle, Hartland, MI
She started work on my 2015 tax audit as soon as she received my documentation.  Initially the IRS said I owed $12,000 in taxes, interest and penalties. She provided them with the documentation to eliminate the majority of the amount owed. They then found another $400 that was not on the initial paperwork and they said it was all that was owed. She worked and  finally got that last item removed leaving me with a letter from the IRS saying I owed nothing. I had a similar audit in my 2010 taxes and had to handle it myself and it was a lot of work. TaxAudit saved me that headache this time.
Thomas, Seattle, WA
My audit representative was outstanding. She understood my problem she did a research to find the best solution to it, and handled the paperwork with the IRS timely. She also informed me how the process moved on and stayed in touch with me at all times. The case was resolved in my favor. Thank you.
Oscar, Bell, CA
Excellent. He was pro-active about getting what he needed from us and keeping us informed, polite, clear in his explanations, and understanding of the difficulty of the situation for us.
Timothy, Austin, TX
First off, I have already told family and friends about your services and how satisfied I am. I really liked to portal and the emails which were prompt. And the reminders if something was available for my attention.  Naturally, since you cleared up the issue with the IRS, I am satisfied. Besides that I knew I was correct, but it was such a relief to have someone work through all the information the IRS required, and I didn't worry a bit.
Susan, Lino Lakes, MN
Great interaction and work! Enjoyed her help in this stressful matter. Was a class act. 
Christopher, Dickson, TN
He has been very professional in dealing with my audit. He communicated each step in the process clearly and directly and he was able to resolve my audit in a timely and satisfactorily manner. 
Scott, Metairie, LA
He represented me in a patient, polite and professional manner, explaining questions as they came up and explaining why my first reaction to IRS correspondence was not always the best one.
Timothy, Asheville, NC
He was extremely patient and took enough time to clarify the issues I had with the audit. He went through the entire process and the options and possible outcomes in our very first conversation. Excellent attention. 
Jorge, Hamilton, ON
He was extremely reassuring and knowledgeable, he answered all my questions and returned all my correspondence very quickly. At all times I felt like everything was being handled properly, and I was very happy with the final result.
John, Blackstone, MA
Very professional, polite and very easy to communicate. Handle the case properly and I am very satisfied with his help. Thanks.
Linda, Plano, TX
I had a wonderful experience. Those folks I worked with were professional, courtesy, patient, encouraging and provided all around great support.
Robin, Brookeville, MD
I wasn't even going to let her help me because I was so stressed out and didnt think she could help or that anyone could help me because it's the IRS. She convinced me to let her help me. I was almost willing to pay over 6000.00. Thankfully I listened to her because I ended up paying nothing. She just saved me over 6000.00. She's awesome. Very patient too.
Ryan, Midway, GA

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