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My Experience with TaxAudit was Great

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in August of 2021.

Lisa went above and beyond to help with a CP2000 that listed errors the IRS made regarding my income earned. She was able to prove the mistakes with all necessary documentation and was able to get the false amount owed taken off my record completely. I feel so grateful to have had her guidance through all of this.
Monica, Scottsdale, AZ
My experience with Tax Audit was great. They were working with me since March of 2020. My 2019 taxes were audited. I called them and Tax Professionals started working on my case quickly. They made sure all the documents I had to send them so they could send to the IRS were correct. It took more than a year to finish because of Covid-19 and the closing of most IRS offices. But in the end I am very Happy with my final result THANKS Tax Audit.
Bernice, Chicago, IL
I made a mistake on my taxes after using TaxAct. Tax audit held my hand through all the corrections— two years of waiting and responding to the IRS. I highly recommend their expertise and support!
Emily, San Rafael, CA
Very professional and knowledgeable, she was able to guide me through a difficult covid period for the IRS, and hung in there, for over a year! Following up with the IRS and at the same time assuring me we were in the right. No easy task. Anne was fantastic, thank you for having her on my team!
James, Cohasset, MA
Brian was excellent. Responsive and extremely helpful considering how disorganized my bookkeeping was.
Stephen, Staten Island, NY
I was extremely happy with TaxAudit and the service I received. Lisa B was extremely helpful and competent, leading me through a very long process with my case, explaining each twist and turn as the case went on. I can't say enough kind words for how everything went and how great Lisa was during all of it. Thanks, Lisa and TaxAudit!!
Nicholas, Aptos, CA
Robert was so extremely helpful and patient. He was very professional and helped us through an IRS audit! I highly recommend this service!
Cassie, Littlefield, TX
I was pleasantly surprised with the highly professional service I received after paying only $45 for the annual service. The professional who helped me was not only courteous and diligent, she also saved me over $1,000. We were very pleased and will continue the service as long as I pay taxes.
John, Bellaire, TX
Maryam was very helpful in working with me on my case. She took the time to verbally explain the issues with my tax return, provided good advise, answered all of my questions and kept me posted along the way. She also identified calculation mistakes by the IRS and resubmitted for correction. She was very polite and professional when speaking to her. I was very happy and appreciative of her assistance.
Mark, Houston, TX
In a word, outstanding. Very professional, timely and kept me informed to what was going on and what to expect.
Richard, Durham, NC
Erin was extremely professional, kind & provided excellent services. She frequently kept us informed. Will definitely recommend your services to family and friends.
Phuong, Sugar Land, TX
Laurel has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and I'm extremely happy with the service she provided.
Basim, New Port Richey, FL
I was terribly worried when I received an automated letter from the IRS suggesting I may owe more than 100K in taxes. William immediately eased my worries, kept me abreast of the progress regularly, and swiftly got to work to resolve the issue.
Joseph, Seattle, WA
Tisa was very knowledgeable and professional and walked me through the entire process!
Neil, Moorpark, CA
Everything was explained to me clearly and precisely with good instructions on anything I needed to do. Our case was handled as expeditiously as could be expected- tax audit took care of things quickly - The IRS was the only lagging element! Thank you Maryam for handling our case and making sure everything was taken care of!
Dianne, Bethlehem, PA
Super responsive. Told me not to worry and took care of everything. Made dealing with a very stressful situation easy!
Jessica, Portland, OR

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