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I am very happy that I paid for this service | TaxAudit

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in March of 2012.

An excellent service. I don't know what I could have done without your help. Thank you.
J. R., Kirkland, WA
I am very happy that I paid for this service. Having someone to help me with an audit was very comforting and took some of the stress away.
K. A., Fort Worth, TX
I was very pleased with the thoroughness. At one point my Rep. was ill but his supervisor helped me out till he returned to work. I have no complaints and am very pleased. Have recommended to my friends and relatives.
J. Y., Amherst, OH
My representative was very patient, thorough, and friendly.
J. B., Pontoon Beach, IL
Once I was set up with an Audit Coordinator, the services from all three of the representatives that I dealt with was superb. After over 40 years of faithfully paying my taxes, I was naturally very upset and somewhat frightened by the audit notices from the state and federal authorities who had obviously shared information. Your representatives were superb. Thank you so much.
W. S., Summerville, SC
Tax Resources provided excellent and professional services to me. The IRS audited my income tax return and asked me to pay about $10K including interest and penalty. Tax Resources helped me to correct the error on my return, contacted IRS to make sure they agreed, and the IRS gave me back a $5K refund. I am so happy. Thanks again.
E. L., Cary, NC
The team was largely responsive and very courteous and attentive. I felt like they were taking care of me and on top of things. It made the process go much better than I could have hoped for and kept my stress level down. Thanks a lot!
J. R., Chicago, IL
When I paid for this service, I had no idea how well it would help me if I were to get audited. TaxResources far exceeded my expectations. I have already recommended TaxResources to some of my family and friends.
C. M., Garden City, MI
While my audit experience was probably not as harrowing and stressful as some, it was a major stress in my life. Each time I spoke with my audit representative, he was very courteous and helpful with the steps I needed to take to resolve the issue. I am so thankful to have been able to use this service. I may not have had a positive outcome without the help of TaxResources.
S. W., Odessa, TX

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