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My audit representative was outstanding! | TaxAudit Reviews

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in May of 2011.

We feel very good about the service we received and are very happy that you were able to resolve our situation so that we did not have to pay any additional money to the IRS. Thanks so much!
S. K., Costa Mesa, CA
I have already suggested this service to several friends. We had a great experience with your service and a positive outcome with the IRS.
J. M., Sykesville, MD
My audit representative was outstanding! He made a very nerve wracking and intrusive process more bearable!
E. F., Redondo Beach, CA
Excellent help very professional and timely. Highly recommend them for Peace of Mind and knowing that you are in 'Great Hands'
M. A., Austin, TX
Highly professional organization. Very helpful. A person couldn't ask for better service. Extremely responsive to any questions I had.
W. D., Virginia Beach, VA
I always recommend your service to my friends and family. They have witnessed my complete satisfaction (for a very reasonable price) with the efficiency and competence of your organization.
S. W., San Jose, CA
Our tax situation was handled in a very professional manor, TaxResources did a wonderful job. Thank you!
R. B., Brea, CA
I was pleased with all aspects of your service. My audit representative was outstanding. She certainly helped this nervous taxpayer through the issues and calmed our concerns. Thank you. I would gladly recommend you!
R. B., Aubrey, TX
At first I was very concerned about the notice from the State Tax Office, but your TaxResources expert was able to ease my fears. Thanks.
J. D., Pagosa Springs, CO

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