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My audit rep was fantastic | Reviews from March 2014

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in March of 2014.

Amazing experience. Painless, and a fantastic result. The IRS requested 22K, with your help I got an $800 return. Thank you again!
Gregory, Fairfield, CT
My audit representatives were extremely professional in how they represented me and my issues with the IRS. In fact, the IRS were the ones who are totally unprofessional. I already have told many people if they use TurboTax to pay for the TaxAudit team!
Frank, Spartanburg, SC
My audit rep was fantastic. He always worked with me to make sure I remembered all the different things I needed to upload to meet all the deadlines. This was my second audit in 3 years, both times I used your services, and have been totally pleased each time. I have signed up again for this year through TurboTax. Thanks, and keep us the great work.
Edward, Houston, TX
Great people who are very honest and timely in their work. Thank you!
Scott, Pleasanton, CA
I always sign up w/ TaxAudit when I use TurboTax. It reassures me that I have some resource if I have problems.
Jody, Spring Hill, KS
I am a walking, talking advertisement for TaxAudit. This is the second time I've had an IRS issue and your services are worth much more than the cost. Thanks to TaxAudit and your professional staff for making my life much easier.
Deborah, Woodland, CA
I am really grateful for the good professional help I received. Glad that I spent the small fee to have TaxAudit in my corner and will most definitely use their service every year. I had to hire a tax rep. once and it started at $1500.00. TaxAudit was worth every penny and was a world apart on the fee. That and just knowing if something does happen they are there if I ever need them again. Thank You!!!
John, Westminster, MD
I am thrilled that I made the smart move to include TaxAudit protection with my annual tax filing.
John, Davidsonville, MD
I will ALWAYS pay extra for that "just in case audit". I would never have known what to do without them. Well worth the cost for that peace if mind it gives.
Rebecca, Ekron, KY
I will definitely purchase this option with each use of TurboTax. My audit representative made the whole process simple. I could not have handled this on my own. Great work!!!
Gary, Fort Worth, TX
Thanks for your assistance. I will always use and recommend the audit defense team.
William, Colorado Springs, CO
The process was smooth and ended with a positive result. I couldn't have been happier with the value of the services I received for the small up-front cost of Audit Defense.
T S, Port Angeles, WA
When I contacted "Tax Audit" that I had an IRS notice for Audit, I was astonished by the response within a couple hours. My audit coordinator then contacted me by phone, explained the procedure, and within one day my personal representative was appointed and had also contacted me by phone within hours. Amazing. My audit represent then told me what he needed, and continued to keep in contact with additional records needed and put together a complete package up until the day of the audit. I was always kept apprised of any developments and resolution of the audit. Best personal service I have ever received from any service agency in any field. Thanks a zillion.
Thomas, Pickerington, OH

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