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Tax Audit is the best! | Reviews from November 2013

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in November of 2013.

My audit representative turned what would have been a frustrating and nerve wracking situation around and gave me all the advice, support and assistance I needed. She was courteous and patient at every turn and had additional advice for the future that was most welcome. I honestly expected your team to behave like many large support organizations do; bounce people from one desk to the next do the bare minimum to fulfill their obligation. She proved me wrong. If she is indicative of your usual level of support then you succeeded admirably and I shall recommend your organization to everyone I know.
Benjamin, Ojai, CA
Tax Audit is the best!! I feel confident and secure with their services. They go above and beyond in providing a resolution to the stressful world of taxation.
Mauricio, New York, NY
I'll use you again!
Kevin, Oak Hill, VA
My audit representative was amazing. She was always courteous, patient, understanding and completely knowledgeable. She not only had a thorough understanding of the audit process and how to navigate it, she was also able to explain and walk me through it. An audit by the IRS is intimidating, but she took my hand and led me along the entire way. It was comforting knowing she was on my side and she was truly compassionate throughout the complex process. Thank you for allowing me to have access to such a consummate professional who sincerely cares.
James, Ashburnham, MA
Receiving a notice from the IRS can be unsettling, but I knew exactly where to turn since I had pre-paid for the services when e-filing through TurboTax. Contacting the team was simple. They located and updated my customer information with minimal fuss or effort. Ongoing communication was both efficient and convenient with the online portal. The customer service experience was excellent! Every member of the team was extremely responsive, patient and helpful. This took away any anxiety and created trust that the TaxAudit folks would truly advocate with my best interests in mind.
Warrick, Baltimore, MD
They did a great job - patient with me and tough on the IRS.
Brett, Prescott, AZ
They took away the fear of a tax audit.
Joyce, Parkville, MO
I would recommend to anyone filing a return with complex issues such as small business, 1099's, stocks, which may trigger audits. etc... After being audited twice by the IRS (with and without the difference is like night and day.
Douglas, Amarillo, TX
Well worth the fee to have such a professional and expert service for this kind of situation. You never think it will happen to you, but it can. was able to assess my tax situation and respond to the IRS on my behalf - and save me $14,000!
Carol, Arlington, VA
When I received my audit notice, it was unclear as to the reason for the audit. After sending the documentation and spending only a short amount of time discussing the notice with my representative we were able to identify the problem and put together a course of action. With a plan in place and the professional and reassuring manner of my representative what could have been a stressful and trying process was relatively simple and hassle free. The results were better than expected and no adjustments were made to my return. Your service was invaluable to me and more than worth the price!
Curtis, Red Bluff, CA
Your team turned a stressful situation into a controlled environment for me. The final resolution came when the IRS said that they were disposing of our case with no taxes or interest due. Our representative and his team determined the appropriate way to respond to the IRS and we WON! I'm telling all my friends who use TurboTax to be sure to sign up for your audit protection plan when they file. Thanks for being there for me.
Robert, Stanley, KS

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