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The IRS contacting you is scary, but TaxAudit was wonderful

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in September of 2010.

After receiving your services I've decided to purchase it for the previous years that I did not. I think your service is definitely worth the price paid.
G. M., San Jose, CA
Having the IRS contact you is very scary, but the folks at Tax Audit were all wonderful to talk with.
M. O., Saint George, UT
I appreciate that our representative provided us with a sense of confidence during our experience with the IRS and went above and beyond our expectations by examining our entire tax return and suggesting additional potential tax savings.
R. W., Vermilion, OH
I felt that I received very professional assistance from a highly qualified and experienced professional. I would recommend this service.
J. C., Gainesville, GA
I have done the majority of tax returns for my family. I am a college graduate and feel like any willing and normally intelligent person ought to be able to fill out a tax return. But, a few years ago, after I discovered Turbo Tax, I found that new things having to do with my husband's job were making me unsure that I was doing everything exactly right. Since I had some level of apprehension, I decided to join up with Tax Resources in case something ever went wrong and I had to come face to face with the almighty government. Thank goodness I did, because the unthinkable did happen: the tax man said we owed 30-40% of our total worth and we were about to retire! Even though it logically did not make sense, still you worry. Thank God for TaxResources and our local tax angel who kept telling us not to worry, went into the lion's den instead of us and gave us the good news that we owe NOTHING! What a relief and I am so glad I spent the extra money every year. Even if you never use it, having the added protection is well worth it.
J. B., Dallas, TX
My rep handled everything. I never had to talk to the IRS. I am very satisfied.
R. G., Fenton, MO
Off the charts amazing. My rep was always professional, extremely knowledgeable, and never gave up. If everyone were like my rep, the world would be a better place. He is a jewel. I feel blessed to have had him on my side. I am certain, if not for him, the IRS would have prevailed, even though they were totally in the wrong. They would have worn me down and intimidated me. My rep just hung in there and kept at it until we won. As I said, amazing. I would recommend TaxResources 100%.
L. B., Sunnyvale, CA
Outstanding service. Could not have asked for anything more. I will never go without protection from audits again. I will strongly recommend to all my colleagues and family.
S. R., Las Vegas, NV
They were great. Fast, keep me up to date at all times. I would recommend anyone to be a member of their services.
N. C., Indianapolis, IN

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