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Great help! | Reviews from December 2016

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in December of 2016.

Great help!! Very knowledgeable and professional!
Scott, Montgomery, AL
Through the whole process your team did a fantastic job. Thank you.
Robert, Lees Summit, MO
I was very pleased with the tremendous timely support I received to get my tax issue resolved to my full satisfaction. I really liked how the TaxAudit web site is setup. Very easy to send and receive data files which is very well protected from a security point of view. My TaxAudit tax representative was extremely helpful in answering all my basic tax questions. I'll definitely use TaxAudit services again.
Saranjit, Shrewsbury, MA
What a relief to hand this over to professionals when the IRS contacted us. It felt good to know that someone knowledgeable was working on our behalf and allowed us to sleep at night.
Julie, Menlo Park, CA
I believe Taxaudit saved me ton of money. I probably would have paid the IRS for something I did not owe....
Pramod, Medfield, MA
I was scared to death when I received the notice from the IRS that I owed more than $7,000. I logged into TurboTax, made a phone call inquiring about the TaxAudit defense I signed up for and Immediately felt better and was assured I would be helped throughout the process. I felt strongly I was correct with my tax return, however, I didn't understand at all how to go about dealing with the issue. My audit representative took his time on the phone with me and clearly spelled out the entire process. I was put to ease right away after speaking to him. He communicated well throughout the entire process and when all was done I received a letter from the IRS that I owed them ZERO dollars. I was treated professionally, and promptly. I cannot thank my audit representative enough for his help!
Robert, Oviedo, FL
I was very impressed and satisfied with the help I received!! I'm not sure who gives out raises but my tax helping attendant sure deserves a raise!!!!!
Tyler, Continental, OH
Everyone that worked with me on my case was very helpful and always answered any questions I had in a timely manner.
Mark, Beaver, PA
My initial audit was for $4766 and through your expertise and perseverance you got me a $2500 refund. Your service saved me over $7K and a lot of stress. Thank you. 
David, Williamsburg, VA

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