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Communication was stellar | Reviews from September 2012

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in September of 2012.

Communication was stellar, which is really rare these days with any service.
D. B., Washington, D.C.
W. C., Arlington, TX
I always purchase Audit Protection and am glad I did. Getting a notice from the IRS is daunting and frightening! My audit representative made me feel like regardless of the outcome, he would take care of me and slay that lion for me! (or at least go to battle for me, which he did!)
C. R., Pearisburg, VA
I am SO GLAD I purchased Audit Defense through Turbo Tax and had your assistance with this matter. I expected something so frustrating and unpleasant, but from the first phone call it was anything but that. It's clear that your representatives are trained to be CALM with people who are freaking out, and that was so helpful, as was the prompt response time to my questions and direct connection to real people instead of phone screening.
K. B., Rockville, MD
I was more than pleased with TaxResources and especially with the professional I was assigned to; he gave me confidence and assurance that all would be taken care of in a timely manner. My experience was an A+ and I would recommend TaxResources to those who need help.
I. B., Lindale, TX
It was extremely gratifying to have such a prompt and efficient team representing me. They told me what information was needed and then they handled everything. I have tried to handle an IRS audit on my own before and it was a disaster for me, I was way out of my league. This time was totally different with Tax Resources taking care of it. I was able to focus on my business and not worry about IRS. I will never go without their service contract again. They resolved all my issues in a fair and timely manner.
R. L., Pensacola, FL
My representative was professional, courteous and personable. The experience was very positive in what normally would be an anxious situation.
D. V., Williamstown, MA

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