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Excellent value and professionally done | TaxAudit Reviews

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in June of 2012.

Excellent value and professionally done. I wholeheartedly have been recommending your service to my friends for several years now. Keep up the good work.
H. W., Hanahan, SC
My rep worked very hard on my case and was very professional. He made himself available when I needed or wanted to talk to him. He would always return phone calls. I was totally satisfied with the service rendered by TaxResources, Inc. I never imagined I would receive the positive result they obtained for my difficult case.
L. F., San Antonio, TX
After my audit experience in handling my 2010 IRS notice, I promptly told all my family members, friends, and golfing buddies. I also promptly purchased your services for my 2011 tax return. Very impressed and would be happy to sing your praise to anyone. Thanks.
D. S., Houston, TX
Excellent service! Without TaxResources I would have been lost when I got the notice from the IRS. Thanks.
B. S., Overland Park, KS
My rep was amazing. He was far and away beyond my expectations as far as customer service, friendliness, and easing my stress level during one of the more difficult times in my life. I can say without reservation that he has restored my faith that there are actually hard working, customer service-oriented people still out there. My audit coordinator was wonderful as well. The entire team there exceeded any expectations I had. I cannot believe that such a fabulous support system is available at such a low cost. My rep is on my holiday list for life!
T. J., Tustin, CA
I am recommending you to every one I speak to about finances. BTW, that's a lot of people. Thanks for a job well done!
S. L., Fort Worth, TX
I consider your company a GODSEND! Dealing with the IRS is impossible. My rep had it handled in a matter of weeks. I would recommend your people to everyone. Thank you so much, once again.
M. O., Saint Petersburg, FL
Overall my experience was excellent, and I found your personnel to be very professional and courteous. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in straightening out my tax returns.
J. F., Spotsylvania, VA

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