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Our representative was simply fabulous | TaxAudit Reviews

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in January of 2013.

As bad as an audit is the tax resources team made it seem simple.
Patrick, Greenville, SC
Our representative was simply fabulous. She helped us untangle a number of issues with our return, dealing with several IRS agencies which did not always co-ordinate information. She was amazingly on top of the details and intricacies, always quick to respond to our queries and was patient and empathetic. She is a star! Tax Resources has provided us with a valuable service at a more than reasonable price and we will be signing up every year as well as recommending it to our friends.
Anthony, New York, NY
I am amazed at the prompt and helpful service we have received each time we have needed your services! (Three or four times now...)
Kathryn, Ventura, CA
I have used Turbo Tax for many years and for serval years I have been buying the Audit Certificate. I am pleased that I bought it and I will continue to use Turbo Tax and buy my Certificate each Tax year. It is a good investment. I am highly pleased with Tax Resources professional skills and knowledge as well as their guidance and help.
Lillie, Cordova, CA
I was in a panic to receive a notice from the IRS saying that we owed several thousand dollars from a previous tax return. Thankfully, I had purchased the TaxResources Audit Defense. As soon as I left message, I received a call and all my questions were answered. After providing my representative with all the necessary documents, she was able to assure me that we would not owe any money, after amending our return. That is precisely what happened, and I am so relieved, and very thankful to TaxResources for their excellent professional services. I will be telling all my family and friends about them and will be using them from now on.
Patti, Fairmont, WV
Tax Resources jumped right in between me and the IRS audit. The IRS ended up sending me check. Thank You TaxResources!
Cheryl, Winter Haven, FL
Tax Resources, Inc. is a guardian angel for taxpayers. I will never file another return without Audit Defense through Tax Resources!
Leah, Magnolia, TX
We knew we had made a mistake but did not know how to correct it. Thanks to TaxResources, we were guided easily and satisfactorily through the process without worry.
Timothy, Clyde, TX

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