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I relaxed as soon as I contacted Tax Resources!

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in October of 2012.

A very professional organization that lowered my tax bill from $8000 to $37.
W. M., Reno, NV
Everyone put me at ease...Gave me the confidence that they would handle everything...All was handled superbly. They all were very personable!
R. C., Louisville, KY
Excellent beyond our expectations. We have already encouraged our friends to get the audit protection.
R. C., Parker, AZ
Great service, I relaxed as soon as I contacted Tax Resources! They handled the entire process extremely well.
J. G., Camden, AR
I am starting my 2011 taxes and will definitely use this service again. TaxResources took all of the pain out of dealing with the IRS.
D. M., Forney, TX
I couldn't have imagined an audit would have been this easy. TaxResources far exceeded my expectations with service and the end result. Thank you.
J. A., Alhambra, CA
I have rarely been so pleased with the efficiency and professionalism of an organization and its people. I cannot imagine being without Audit Defense and Tax Resources ever again. You all are fabulous!
S. C., Hot Springs Village, AR
I was very pleased and it was a pleasure working with your team. I was especially pleased that I did not have to communicate directly with the IRS at all.
R. H., Ellicott City, MD
Tax Resources have come to the rescue a second time. I will HIGHLY recommend them to all I talk to. A real good experience.
R. W., Ponca City, OK
TaxResources was the BEST money I've spent since I started using TurboTax in 2006. They were there when the IRS audited my return and helped me cope with all aspects of the audit process. Not to mention, the educational experience was invaluable. I now know who "Enrolled Agents" are and their immense value. My local EA discovered an exemption I'd failed to claim on last 3 years' returns. What I thought was a nightmare (initially) turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Can't say enough good things about the value of TaxResources!
D. D., Belmont, NC

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