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I will always use them.

TaxAudit gets dozens of comments from customers we have helped every week. Below are just some of the reviews we received in October of 2018.

She was very supportive and understanding. She fought for me and I truly appreciated her efforts to get this audit behind me. She was there every step of the way. She answered all my questions.
Tracey, Hampton, GA
They were very nice in handling my IRS audit.They always kept me informed about any changes or action against my audit. I will always use them.
Wesley, Seward, AK
So professional and it was almost as if my problems were his. That's how dedicated he was to making sure I was taken care of.
Brandi, Weatherford, OK
My audit representative was great and very informative. Great help! I know for a fact I would have not been able to take this on by myself. With TaxAudit and her help, I was able to go through the audit with ease of mind.
Christopher, Independence, KY
Awesome experience. He helped fix the issue with the IRS.
Motasem, Franklin, MA
Absolutely excellent. He was in constant contact with us throughout the entire process. Anytime he needed something he would call us, and anytime we needed something from him, he would respond right away. I could not appreciate his assistance more.
Ramiro, Dickinson, ND
He was friendly, informative, and persistent. This was a long drawn out process, by no fault of his own, and he made sure he did everything in his power to assist us. The IRS was stubborn and he had to talk to many different people. I think the process took about 4 months, but he was able to get us the results we were looking for and we couldn't be happier. 
Marquisha, Antelope, CA
The IRS was challenging my 529 education deductions. My audit representative did a very good job giving me the forms I needed to fill out. Most importantly, when I filled them out incorrectly, he caught it and made me correct it. The IRS approved it the first time. Zero dollars owed. So my audit representative did a great job. I love the way your online app makes it as simple and streamlined as possible.
John, Chicago, IL
Everything went very smoothly and of course, I can't be any happier with the outcome. My audit representative explained what info he needed and where I may need to look to get it. It was easy to exchange info thru the MAP system. I'm getting this every year from now on!
Gregg, McDonough, GA

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