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Case Concludes in Favor of our TaxAudit Member

November 14, 2023 | Written by: Kaylie J.
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In the beautiful summer of June 2023, Olivia was spending time outside, enjoying the good weather and time with her family. While sitting by the pool, one of her kids checked the mail and brought back a letter for her, saying it looked important. Thinking nothing of the letter, figuring it was bills or credit card offers, Oliva was surprised to see that the letter was from the IRS. Hoping it was just related to her oldest in college signing up for financial aid for school, she was shocked to open the envelope and see that she owed the IRS $13,000!  

In a panic, Olivia went inside to examine the notice. She had received a CP2000 notice, which notified her that the income information that the IRS received did not match the amount reported on her 2020 tax return. Olivia went to TurboTax to check her 2020 tax return and compared it to her own records. While going through the tax return, she found the light at the end of the tunnel—she had purchased Audit Defense through TaxAudit when she filed her 2020 taxes. Immediately, Olivia called TaxAudit and was put in touch with our Customer Service Department who started her case. On that same day, her Case Coordinator reached out and asked Olivia to submit important documents to expedite the case. In just two days, Smita—Olivia's Tax Professional—reached out to her and wanted to schedule an appointment. Within two more days, Oliva and Smita had their first phone call. In this phone call, Smita confirmed and explained the notice to Olivia and asked for both mortgage interest documents and tuition stations from her eldest in college. Smita also requested other documentation that she believed would strengthen Olivia’s case. 

Once Smita got all the documents needed, she submitted them to the IRS. She also let Olivia know that the IRS could take some time to respond and that she would be in contact once a response was received.  

After the response was submitted, Olivia was relieved that the response was very timely and also that she still had half of the summer to enjoy with her family and not have to deal with the IRS.  

In the following months, Smita continued to follow up with the IRS and updated Olivia along the way. However, at the two-month mark, Smita had amazing news for Olivia: the IRS responded to their case, and she ended up owing nothing to the IRS after the hard work and diligence from Smita! 

After only three months, Olivia’s case was closed! Our TaxAudit member went from owing $13,000 to nothing! This was all thanks to our communicative and hard-working Tax Professional, Smita.  

This is what Olivia had to say about the case:  

“Smita made an otherwise uncomfortable experience very calm and easy to understand. She was very easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and genuinely helpful. I don't want to have to use your service again, but if I do - I would want to work with Smita!” 


*Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals. 

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