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September 16, 2022 | Written by: Courtney V.
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In May 2022, TaxAudit member, Shaina, opened her mailbox and the first thing she noticed was a letter from the IRS. She opened the envelope and got news that nobody ever wants to receive – she was being audited for over $7,600. That wasn’t the worst of it, though. After reading through the notice, she saw that her first payment was due on May 11th – which was just a week away! Her mind was reeling as she was racing to figure out what to do next. Then, she remembered that she had purchased Audit Defense when filing her taxes through TurboTax – and she quickly reached out to TaxAudit.

After contacting TaxAudit’s Customer Service team, Shaina was immediately assigned a Case Coordinator who helped guide her through collecting all the documentation she would need to work with a Tax Pro and resolve her case with the IRS. She was happy to learn that she could send everything she needed through TaxAudit’s secure messaging portal, which made things much simpler.

Once Shaina’s Case Coordinator had received the complete IRS notice, as well as the tax return in question, they explained that the IRS was reaching out regarding unreported stock transactions. The Case Coordinator then requested some additional forms for her Tax Pro to look over: her 1099-B and W-2.

Shaina was nervous about her quickly approaching payment date, but her Tax Pro, Erin, reassured her that the IRS was running behind due to COVID-19 delays, and they still had plenty of time to get her paperwork in order and draft a response for the IRS.

After investigating her case, Erin notified Shaina of the best and worst-case scenarios for her situation. The best case was that Shaina would owe nothing in taxes, but the worst case was that she would owe the $7,600 stated on the audit notice.

Once she had received the necessary paperwork from Shaina, it was time for Erin to respond to the IRS with the documentation necessary to resolve the case. After sending in Shaina’s 1099-B, which provided information about Shaina’s stock transactions, it was time to begin waiting for the response from the IRS.

In just three months, the IRS responded, and Erin contacted Shaina with the great news: The IRS had sent out a revised CP2005 notice stating that they had received all the necessary paperwork, closed the case, and that Shaina owed nothing – the best-case scenario for her situation!

At the closing of her case, Shaina was thrilled at the result, saying:

“This is the differentiating service! No one wants to get audited - but if you do, this is the support you'll need. We had two days to respond and the TaxAudit team hit the deadline. They kept me informed proactively at every step and checked in regularly. They relaxed all my concerns and took care of all communications with the IRS. Outstanding service!” 

As always, TaxAudit is happy to help!

*Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.

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