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February 28, 2022 | Written by: Kate F.
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In July of last year, TaxAudit members Amber and Shane received something in the mail from the IRS – it was a notice regarding the 2019 tax year. They received an IRS notice CP2000 and had a proposed balance due of over $18,000. With a 30-day deadline listed on the notice, Amber and Shane were nervous about what to do. After looking over their tax return, they remembered they had purchased audit defense with TaxAudit for the 2019 tax year. After a quick call to our Customer Service Department, they were assigned to work with their Case Coordinator. Their Case Coordinator walked them through the process of uploading the documents needed, a complete copy of the IRS notice CP2000, and a copy of their tax return for the year of the notice. Thankfully, Amber and Shane had e-filed their tax returns through TurboTax for the 2019 tax year, so TaxAudit was able to get a copy of their returns directly from TurboTax. Now that their Case Coordinator had all they needed to move the case forward, they were quickly assigned to the Tax Professional who would be handling their notice.

Amber and Shane were assigned to work with Jessie, who reviewed all their documents and scheduled a call to discuss the next steps. The IRS was looking at their Securities, so Jessie requested the supporting documents needed to address the IRS’ concerns. Once everything was received, a response was prepared and sent off. Unfortunately, the IRS review time was taking several months – so all that Amber and Shane could do was wait. Jessie advised them of the expected time frame, let them know to forward any new correspondence, and kept them in the loop about when she would follow up with the IRS for updates.

A month later, a new notice from the IRS came in the mail. It was an IRS notice CP3219A – a Notice of Deficiency. Instead of panicking, Amber and Shane remembered the advice they had been given and sent a copy of the notice to Jessie to review. Jessie assured them not to panic and that the notice had just crossed in the mail with the response TaxAudit had sent on their behalf!

Jessie continued to follow up with the IRS and, in November, spoke to an IRS agent who confirmed they had received the response that had been sent in, but let her know they would likely need an additional 90 days to review. Thankfully, the IRS was able to review Amber and Shane’s information sooner than 90 days, and, at the end of December, just a few days before the holidays, they received a new notice from the IRS. This time, the notice was bringing good news! The IRS had accepted the response, and Amber and Shane had achieved the best-case scenario! Instead of owing $18,000, they received a refund of $400!

Of course, Amber and Shane were ecstatic and thankful not to owe the IRS money. At the conclusion of their case, they had this to say of their time working with Jessie

“Jessie was more than helpful. She maintained regular contact with updates and very helpful suggestions. I would give her the highest marks for professional and friendly service.” 

**Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.

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