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A Helping Hand

July 20, 2022 | Written by: Kate F.
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In March of 2022, Maggie opened her mail and saw the letters I-R-S stamped across an envelope. She nervously ripped the letter open and looked down at a notice from the IRS. She had received a notice CP2501, which indicated that her 2020 tax return did not match what the IRS had on file. She thumbed through the pages of the notice while the shock settled in. With a thousand thoughts swirling through her head, she decided to pull out her 2020 tax return to see if she could make sense of what the IRS was questioning. Thankfully, after a few short moments of looking at her tax return, a lightbulb went off in Maggie’s head; she had purchased audit defense! She quickly dialed the number for TaxAudit, and, within moments, Maggie was talking to a member of TaxAudit’s Customer Service Department and starting a case.

To get her case assigned to a Tax Professional, all Maggie had to provide was her 2020 tax return and a complete copy of the notice from the IRS. Additionally, Maggie could provide everything via TaxAudit’s secure portal, which she could easily access from her computer or an app on her phone. She provided the documents and waited to be contacted by her assigned Tax Professional. Less than one business day later, Maggie connected with her Tax Professional, Tony, and set up a time to go over all the details of her case.

During their call, Maggie’s Tax Professional explained to her why she had received the letter. She had sold a home during the 2020 tax year, and while she did enter the home sale information, she failed to click the box indicating she had received a 1099-S. In neglecting to check that box, the Form 8948 and Schedule D worksheets were not generated for inclusion in the filed return. This small error is what triggered her entire IRS notice! Tony, Maggie’s Tax Professional, requested the documents needed to correct the error and formulated a response to be sent to the IRS.

Then, the waiting game began. The IRS’ processing time was running anywhere from six to eight months, so Maggie was told to be patient and keep Tony in the loop if any new letters had been received. Thankfully, after only three short months, Maggie received another letter in the mail. This time, she eagerly ripped open the envelope to look at the contents inside. She received a letter CP2005 – which is commonly referred to as a No Change Letter. This means that the IRS accepted the response that was sent in and was no longer proposing changes to Maggie’s tax return! More importantly, the letter read $0.00 owed! Maggie was ecstatic and so thankful that she had purchased audit defense for her tax return! At the conclusion of her case, Maggie had this to say: 

“The process of responding to the letter from the IRS was painless and simple. I called up the TaxAudit number, talked through the issue, and was connected with Tony. Tony called me up, looked through [the] return, and determined what the issue was. He took care of everything for me. After the IRS got through their backlog, they eventually followed up with a notice letting me know the issue was resolved.”

*Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.

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