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When Kindness Counts

February 08, 2021 | Written by: Kate F.
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Every case we handle at TaxAudit is unique because no two tax returns are alike! While we are the experts in audit defense – and have been for over thirty years – occasionally we encounter cases where our success is measured by the happiness of our members and the support we provided. At the conclusion of a few of our more recent cases, we received these very kind messages from our members.

“An audit is pretty scary and from my first contact with Gary he helped me feel so much better about the process. He was honest, thorough, and informative which helped me understand the process and what to expect. I can't say enough how thankful I am to have had his help and guidance through this process. I have told everyone that I know how great Gary and this service is.” 

“I knew this fight would be a huge challenge, and I went into this not knowing what I should expect. From the beginning, the calls, and emails with Bistra made me feel like someone very capable was on my team. She listened to what I had already done (unsuccessfully) for a past audit (same problem with my ex-husband claiming my daughter), she came up with creative solutions I would've never thought about, and she kept me sober about what we could expect to happen while assuring me we would fight this until the end. She wrote letters on my behalf, she listened to me cry when I was overwhelmed and she reined it all in and took charge in this long battle. Her expertise, dedication and resolution are what turned this seemingly dismal situation into pure relief. She truly fought for me when I know she could've taken an easier approach and way out that would've probably not been successful. I am forever grateful that she was assigned to my case. I am grateful that I chose your service, and I will be adding it to my taxes every year. Thank you.” 

Caring for people is a key component to the success of our cases. Our tax knowledge and aptitude are the basics; what makes Audit Defense from TaxAudit special is our genuine care for our members. We understand that the stress of an audit can be overwhelming, especially during a pandemic. This is exactly why our team of Tax Professionals is here - to relieve the stress of an audit so our members can focus on what matters most to them! The Tax Professionals at TaxAudit realize that you are putting your trust in them and work diligently with you and for you. They want every member to know how important their case is!

We are passionate about getting to the root of the tax issue and to advocate for all our members to both the IRS and state taxing agencies. This is just one of many examples of how TaxAudit models their core value of “We care for people.”

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