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We Made a Difference in September!

September 29, 2021 | Written by: Kate F.
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Typically, our monthly Make a Difference blogs focus on individual cases in which one of our excellent tax professionals provides world-class audit representation. However, this past month, we received an outpouring of positive feedback from our members – and we wanted to highlight a handful of the amazing reviews that were submitted!

This member knew  his tax professional had his back. 
“Charles was PHENOMENAL in his customer service and knowledge. I've spent the last 20+ years leading customer service efforts and he was absolute WOW. We were in it together and he had my back. That was the feeling I got throughout our IRS journey together and, if I ever have need of assistance again, I hope I can reach out to him directly. 10,000% would recommend.” 

This member had his mind put at ease. 
“While no one would say being audited by the IRS is a pleasant experience, Jason's ability to handle a complex tax issue was, quite simply, outstanding!  His knowledge on all the pertinent IRS regulations and forms is unequalled. Explaining as well as communicating to me each step of this process over the last several months was exceptional and really put my mind at ease. I want Jason to be my CPA now and in the future!” 

This member had a professional who worked to understand her complex tax issue. 
“Mary was fantastic from the beginning. She took the time to understand and explain the details. My tax issue was pretty complex. She followed up regularly and got me all the information I needed. The outcome was fantastic as well. Thanks for all the help!! I'm glad I got the defense from TurboTax.”

This member felt like she was talking to an old friend. 
“We had never received a tax letter before but had been using TurboTax with the audit protection for about 10 years. I had no idea how the process worked or what to expect but it was a pleasant easy process from the beginning! I contacted TaxAudit on Friday and our case was paired with Carol on Monday! She set up an appointment for our phone call and walked me through each step necessary to clear the issue. She followed up a couple of times as necessary and even checked on us for the hurricane that hit here during that time! I was also able to ask questions regarding changes for the upcoming year and she was able to easily guide me in the direction I needed to head as far as preparation. It was like I was speaking to an old friend! I'll definitely continue to add this protection, hoping we don't need it in the future, but feeling secure that the right team is in place if we do!”

This member couldn’t have gotten through the process without her tax professional. 
“Debbie helped me for two years and was wonderful! This was not anything I ever thought I'd have to deal with and Debbie and her team guided me through this stressful experience with TLC. She was professional, responsive, organized, helpful, and empathetic. She did a great job keeping me up to date and helping me understand what was going on and why. I'm truly grateful for Debbie and her TaxAudit team. I could not have gotten through this without her.”

This member believes her tax professional is a super fantastic person. 
“Kenia is a fantastic representative for your company, TaxAudit. Kenia is a very respectful person and she is very knowledgeable about the Federal Tax Program. Kenia was very patient working with me as she guided me through the Audit Process. I am 72 years old and recently completed 22 months of Chemo Cancer treatments. Kenia explained the procedure very thoroughly to me and she was always available to answer my questions. My original IRS letter stated that I owed $ 10,775. Kenia reviewed my 2019 Federal Tax return and found an error that I had made on my TurboTax tax form. I put my social security earning in the wrong box. After making the correction that Kenia found, the IRS owed me $1,269.00. Kenia has great communication skills - Kenia is very prompt to respond to commitments. Kenia Gonzalez is a Super Fantastic Person!!!!!”

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of reviews we receive every month from satisfied members. If you are interested in purchasing the peace of mind and expert customer service that comes with an audit defense membership through TaxAudit, click here!

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