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We Made a Difference in November!

December 02, 2021 | Written by: Kate F.
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Below is just a small glimpse into the positive feedback we received from our members at the completion of their case! 

“Clayton was amazing. He was always available, very knowledgeable and made me feel like my problems were his problems and we would get to a solution together. He also communicated with me consistently and always made sure I understood the process or course of action needed to get to closure.” 

“Of course, being audited is very stressful and nothing anyone can do will make it stress-free! I appreciate my TaxAudit professional sticking with me the whole way, reassuring me, and letting me know exactly what was needed from me, as well as handling all communication with the IRS. I travel most of the time for work, so being able to submit documents via the portal was great.

“From start to finish, Mr.Stumpf worked to make the process as easy as possible for me. He was kind, caring and patient with me and did his best to explain everything in as much detail as I needed.” 

“Tanya was prompt, very efficient and knowledgeable. An audit can be very scary and Tanya put me at ease right away.” 

“Kenia was so wonderful! She treated my case with prompt response and looked after my case like family.  Kenia is a true asset to your business and my experience with her was outstanding!  I can not say enough great things about Kenia!” 

“IRS communication regarding an assessment of our return was more than a little confusing. Cindy was able to cut through the confusion and work with the IRS to resolve errors in their assessment. She is experienced and extremely capable of understanding, explaining and resolving issues with the IRS. She is also pleasant, patient and thorough when working with us.” 

“The Tax Audit person assigned to me, Jerry, did a good job of setting my expectations in the beginning letting me know it would likely be months before I heard from the IRS. And, he also got them to revise my return such that they owed me money rather than my owing them more. It was a great, hands off for me, experience and I appreciate all of Jerry's work.”

"I'd recommend Bill to anyone who experiences the situation we were put in by the IRS. Prior to this situation we've simply paid at least 3 years in a row to the IRS without questioning the Assessment letters. However, now we know that Tax Audit stands behind Turbo Tax with professionals like Bill able to intervene on our behalf we'll sleep a whole lot sounder!"

"I should also mention how professional and thorough your Tax Attorney Ms. Noda was in explaining our rights and options related to the potential of our case being heard in court. She was also extremely helpful and a credit to the company.” 

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