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Turning an Amount Due into a Refund

March 10, 2021 | Written by: Kate F.
Refund Sign
When members Randy and Nancy first reached out to TaxAudit, they were understandably shaken by the IRS notice they received in the mail. Not only had they received a letter from the IRS, but it also had a proposed amount due of $40,000. The stress of the pandemic, coupled with the stress of an audit, can be a lot for anyone to handle. Luckily, Randy and Nancy had TaxAudit audit defense so the stress of handling the notice on their own was not an issue. From the moment they contacted Customer Service, their notice was in the hands of professionals.

The IRS was questioning medical expenses from their 2018 tax return. Our tax professional quickly examined the notice and explained to Randy and Nancy what the next steps would be. He walked them through the steps of requesting and gathering the correct documentation and a response was quickly created and sent off to the IRS. The next step was to wait. Due to the current pandemic, the IRS is operating at a limited capacity and needing extra time and resources to handle responses. Throughout the entire process, our tax professional continued to follow up with the IRS and provided Randy and Nancy updates along the way.

Finally, after a few months, Randy and Nancy got the second notice from the IRS. It was a notice stating that, not only did they no longer owe the original proposed amount due of $40,000, but they were due a refund of $20! While they joked it was not a huge refund, it was still a big sigh of relief – especially after the shock from the first notice!

Upon the closing of their case, Randy and Nancy had nothing but kind words to say about their tax professional. “Easy to work with, clear concise communication, and very professional in all aspects.”

You can’t beat that!

**Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.

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