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Through Thick and Thin

July 19, 2021 | Written by: Kate F.
Tax Professional
In November of 2020, Carly reached out to TaxAudit regarding a notice that she had received from the IRS. She had received a 2018 CP2000 notice that was questioning her retirement income. As a recent widow, she did not understand what had been filed incorrectly on her tax returns and why the IRS had proposed an amount due of $40,000. Immediately, she began to panic. She knew that she did not have the money to pay the notice, or even a fraction of what was being asked from her by the IRS, and she needed someone to help guide her through this terrifying process. But after her first conversation with her TaxAudit Case Coordinator, her anxieties began to ease. She was guided through the process of uploading her required documents and within a few short days, she began working with her Tax Professional.  

At first glance, it appeared that the notice from the IRS was correct and that Carly would have to set up a payment plan to pay off the amount owed. Even with a payment plan, the monthly amount would have been too much for her to pay, especially with caring for her elderly mother. She considered taking a penalty and cashing out one of her retirement accounts early, but her Tax Professional assured her that TaxAudit would investigate all options before giving up on her case. After gathering a few supporting documents, Carly’s Tax Professional had a plan of action. All he needed was one additional document from the bank showing where the retirement distributions were placed in her accounts. After what felt like an eternity, and dozens of emails and phone calls, Carly was able to get the final crucial supporting documents from her bank. 

A response was formulated, reviewed, and sent off to the IRS. Then, the waiting game began! Carly’s Tax Professional went over the best-case and worst-case scenarios with her, explaining the best case would be that the IRS accepted their supporting documents and the amount owed would drop from $40,000 to $0. On the other hand, the worst-case scenario would be Carly owing the entire amount due, plus penalties and interest. 

After a month had passed, Carly and her tax professional heard the news. The IRS had accepted TaxAudit’s response and Carly’s amount due was $0! All parties were overjoyed to hear the news and through this process, made a member for life out of Carly. At the conclusion of her case, this is what she had to say: 

“Bill was the most patient, helpful, concerned man I have ever met. He stuck with me through thick and thin and did all he could to help me with this situation I found myself in. I just can't say enough about him except that he is a keeper. Wonderful, very intelligent and knowledgeable man with compassion and concern for his clients. I am so happy with the result in this ordeal. I have already recommended people to use TurboTax and to make sure that you pay for the TaxAudit. It is well worth the money. Thank you so much Bill, I will Never Ever forget all you did for me.”

**Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.

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