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Only Paying What is Rightfully Owed

April 13, 2021 | Written by: Kate F.
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When members Phillip and Nina contacted TaxAudit, they had received a letter CP2000 with a proposed amount due of $19,000. While shocked about the prospect of owing almost 20k, they knew they had audit defense with TaxAudit and some of the worry dissipated. From there, they reached out to Customer Service and after receiving the proper documentation, one of TaxAudit’s excellent tax professionals was assigned to help them. A complete analysis of the IRS notice and the accompanying tax return in question were thoroughly reviewed. In this process, the tax professional was checking the notice for accuracy and ensuring that the members were paying no more than what was rightfully owed.  

Phillip and Nancy had multiple accounts with stock holdings, and unfortunately, when downloading their forms to file their 2018 returns, some of the forms were not included. Simple mistakes like these can happen without any knowledge that something is missing – which is why TaxAudit is here to review the documents and see what can be done to rectify any potential errors! Phillip and Nina’s tax professional helped guide them to the proper places to collect the necessary documents in preparation to respond to the IRS.  

A detailed response and penalty abatement request were then sent off to the IRS after being reviewed thoroughly by our in-house Quality Control Department. Unfortunately, right after the response was sent, the IRS closed due to Covid-19. Even though the IRS was working at a limited capacity, TaxAudit did not skip a beat in providing excellent service to their members and continued to follow up with the IRS and provide updates to Phillip and Nina every step of the way. 

Finally, after a few months of waiting and a stall letter from the IRS requesting additional time to review the submitted documents, Phillip and Nina received a newly computed CP2000 notice. The penalty had been abated and because of the documentation provided, the adjustment had been made in their favor! This was the best-case scenario projected by the tax professional and the proposed amount due dropped from $19,000 to just $6,000! 

TaxAudit’s mission is to always ensure that a taxpayer is never paying more than what is rightfully owed and, in the case of Phillip and Nina, this is exactly what happened! At the conclusion of their case, this is what they had to say, “Rob Eyre (tax professional) gave us outstanding service and obtained an excellent outcome with regard to our tax problem.” 

**Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.

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