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September 20, 2019 | Written by: Shirley C.
Group Giving High Fives
In December of 2018, I was assigned to a case concerning an IRA distribution. My member was being assessed a penalty of $55,697 for failure to rollover an IRA distribution in 2016. The distribution was rather significant, totaling over $180,000. After discussing it with my member, I learned that she still had most of the money in the bank and had not rolled it over because her husband was having medical problems. I wanted to help, so I asked if she was willing to self-certify the reason for the failure to rollover, which she was. Self-certifying allowed her to write a detailed response to the IRS explaining her circumstances. Since the amount had been due to be rolled over two years ago, we knew there was a chance our request would be denied.

Determined to help, I spoke to a team member in our QC department and explained what I wanted to do – and he helped me with the wording and review of the request. In June, I got a CP 2005 stating $0.00 due. I could hardly contain my excitement and immediately called my member. At that time, she had yet to receive the notice but she could hear the joy in my voice. She asked, "Did we do it?" And I replied, "Yes, we did!" She said she could not believe that we had been able to help her out in this way. I was crying by this time − they were happy tears of course. I love helping people; it is for this and many more reasons that I love my job!

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