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Rallying Together

May 09, 2019 | Written by: Trina Garrity
Customer Service Representatives
Tax season officially kicked-off on January 28th, 2019. 

It was a relatively slower start to our busy season than we expected, but before we knew it, emails, voicemails, and phone calls were pouring in at a rate higher than we had ever seen before. The abundance of free time we’d felt uneasy about just days earlier was but a distant memory. As the April 15th deadline grew nearer, the number of member communications multiplied, and we knew we'd need some extra help to stay on top of things in the Membership Services Department.   

Before we could get a rallying cry out, team members from various departments were reaching out to offer their assistance. Those who had previously cross-trained in Membership Services were asked to jump in, and they graciously accepted, eager to put their skills to the ultimate test. Colleagues from Budget and Finance, Operations, and our AC Department got right to work answering call after call from the queue. Many of our Audit Coordinators were doing two jobs at a time, validating memberships, opening cases, walking members through getting set up in our secure portal, and getting cases organized so that they could be pushed forward. Many of us stayed after hours and came in on our off days to ensure that nothing fell between the cracks.  

We adhere to three core values at TaxAudit:  
  1. We care for people. 
  2. We have a positive attitude. 
  3. We are dedicated to the team.  
These values guide our behavior and the way we make decisions. When we rallied together this tax season, we demonstrated all three values – day after day, time and time again. We kept our service level high and we kept our optimism, even when it felt as if the calls and messages would never stop coming in – and not once did we feel that were in this alone. The days were long, but thanks to everyone’s dedication we got through it together.

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