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February 01, 2018 | Written by: Selena Quintanilla
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Many of the notices reported by our members reference several items on the return that require additional verification. These matters can be relatively minor, and the right documentation partnered with a determined rep is usually all it takes to clear things up. However, more moderate issues necessitate an in-person visit to the closest IRS office. In March of 2017 one of our phenomenal audit reps, Dominic Conner was assigned one of these cases.
The IRS issued an Office Audit after concluding that one of our members unjustly claimed a deduction on her 2015 tax return. Based on this conclusion, the IRS proposed an adjustment and additional tax owed. After thoroughly reviewing the notice, Dominic spoke with the member to explain what triggered the contact and immediately issued a Power of Attorney form which would allow him to meet with IRS on the member's behalf. Once Dominic received the completed form, he got to work!
Having compared the deduction requirements with the member's situation, Dominic concluded that though the deduction didn't apply to the member, it was claimed by mistake and not with malicious intent. Being the PRO that he is, Dominic convinced the examiner to abate the penalties on the basis that our member paid the tax due by the due date of the report. Of course the member agreed, sent in a check, and Dominic followed up with the examiner to verify compliance; this is where most of our cases come to a close, but it wasn't going to be that simple.
Almost three months later, the member received an additional notice summoning the unpaid penalty. Dominic immediately phoned in the examiner with no answer; he then proceeded to dial the manager's extension with no luck. Not easily deterred, Dominic contacted the local Taxpayer Advocate Service, and after explaining the situation, they agreed to take the case. Now almost a year later, Dominic received a corrected report with the penalties removed. Our member is thrilled to put this whole ordeal behind her.
At TaxAudit, each of our audit reps carry with them knowledge, experience and an unwavering desire to help people. These traits, paired with Dominic's determination have proven to be invaluable when defending our members!

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