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How We Keep Our Members’ Information Safe

April 16, 2018 | Written by: Selena Quintanilla
The very reason TaxAudit exists is to help others. We live out our mission by protecting and defending our members − from unjust audit outcomes, identity thieves and cyber criminals.

When our members make the decision to use our service, they entrust us with confidential and extremely sensitive information. For this reason, all communication with a member, from the initial phone call to the closing call (and every contact between), is monitored. There are several precautions we take company-wide to ensure that our members’ information remains uncompromised. Though each department has separate areas of expertise and focus, we all have the responsibility of adhering to the policies and procedures put in place for our members’ safety. Behind these policies stands one department that acts as the safety net for any potential slip ups.

One of our Software Engineering department's primary responsibilities is to safeguard and preserve our members’ information when they develop new programs. Vivek is TaxAudit's Senior Software Engineer, and one of the brilliant brains behind the codes we have in place to keep hackers out and data in. Vivek is exceptionally proud of and dedicated to the work done by his team. Without giving away too many details, Vivek agreed to enlighten us on how he and his team ensure the safekeeping of personal information.

"We have designed a kind of vault that very few people have the ability to access. Each member request going in and out of this vault is tracked and monitored at the application and device level. From there, applications monitor activity and report any unauthorized or suspicious activity immediately. There are multiple tiers in which this done. Not just our team, but the IT (Information Technology) team is equally involved in keeping this information safe. We want to ensure our members that we take their data as seriously as we protect ours."

There you have it. The members of our Software Engineering Department take their jobs very seriously, as they should. You could say that they eat, sleep, and breathe security protocol. Their dedication and commitment to their work is contagious and can be seen in all departments within TaxAudit. Vivek and his team provide a level of confidence that enables the rest of us to perform at our highest potential. Because of this, our members can rest assured that their protection, on all levels, is our top priority.

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