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Helping Members in Unexpected Ways

May 02, 2018 | Written by: Dominic Connor, EA
Father dancing with Daughter at her wedding
Last month, I was assigned to an office audit questioning multiple tax years. While an audit case involving multiple years isn't an uncommon occurrence, this case left me with a renewed outlook on my role as an Audit Representative.

After thoroughly reviewing the notice, tax returns, and the documentation he had sent in, I called my member to discuss which forms we would need to clear up the issue. We spent a long time going over everything and discussing the best and worst-case scenarios. I explained that I would be meeting with the examiner on his behalf, and we ended the conversation. The case itself seemed straightforward enough, and I didn't expect to speak to my member again until after I met with the examiner.

To my delight, he sent me a message the following day expressing his appreciation for my help. Because of my confidence in our position and his faith in me, he was having a very good day. The member explained that since he was less worried about the audit, he was able to focus on his daughter's wedding rehearsal and provide her the undivided attention she deserved. Words cannot express how I felt after reading his message, but if I had to choose one word, it would be "fulfilled."

Life doesn't stop upon receipt of an audit notice. In actuality, it can feel like the world is moving at warp speed while the recipient feels frozen in place with anxiety. At TaxAudit we understand this feeling, and we opt to carry as much of the stress as our members are willing to surrender to us. At the start of a case our members’ issues become our own, and we represent them with the same level of tenacity that we would put forth for ourselves. This method of representation has become second nature to our team, and because of this, we may not realize the positive impact we have on our members.

My member, like so many members we represent, was being audited during what should be one of the most joyful times in his life. It is nice to know that through my work at TaxAudit, I was able to contribute to the happiness of someone whose path I otherwise never would have crossed.

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