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In Pursuit of a Fair and Accurate Audit Outcome

August 21, 2017 | Written by: Haley McClellan​
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After receiving a notice from the IRS questioning his $16,704 medical deduction, the member knew he had to contact our team at TaxAudit. His case was assigned to one of our incredible audit representatives, Ivanna Schunk, and she got to work on the case right away.

Ivanna sent her first response to the IRS in August of 2016. She explained to the member that with the documents he had provided, the only acceptable and best-case scenario would be a balance due of $180. October arrived, along with the IRS's response. The examiner had disallowed the member's payments to a medical group because he didn't feel that the member had provided adequate details about the services provided. He also disallowed the member’s long-term care premiums. His letter included a proposed balance due of $1,574.75, but this was not “alright” on Ivanna's watch!

After going back to the drawing board with the member and discussing the additional documents she needed to provide along with her response to the IRS, Ivanna mailed off a second package of documents in late October. She anxiously awaited a response and finally received a “no-change” letter from the IRS in December!

According to Ivanna, this member's case was all about not giving up and continuing to challenge the IRS until a fair and accurate outcome was achieved for the member.

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