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A Little Teamwork Goes a Long Way

September 19, 2017 | Written by: Michelle Olander
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In our line of work, the smallest of details can make the biggest difference for our members. In this case, a little bit of teamwork went a long way – and saved two of our members almost $4,000.

Our team had been working this particular audit for a husband and wife for almost a year. The Representative on the case had met with the examiner several times regarding a number of line items on the tax return. As is standard procedure, one of our Audit Department Assistants, Trent, recreated the tax return (proforma) for the couple to see if anything had gone awry and to confirm there were no mathematical errors on the exam report. What he discovered was that the examiner had incorrectly taxed the husband and the wife on their SE income ─ and that correcting this error would reduce their tax amount dramatically.

As a liaison between our remotely working Audit Representatives and the members they defend, I wanted to make sure that I understood what Trent had discovered. Unfortunately, Trent happened to be out of the office, so Kyle, the Audit Department Assistant Team Lead, sat with me to explain – in layman’s terms – what had happened. At the end of the day, the numbers that Trent crunched saved the members close to $4,000. Additionally, through their efforts, I was able to communicate this information to the Audit Representative on the case, who contacted the examiner to have the exam report corrected before sending the final numbers to a very happy member.

In this case, both Trent and Kyle demonstrated our Core Values of Commitment, Service, and Knowledge – going above and beyond to investigate the realities of the tax return and, even more, making sure that it was communicated properly and through the right channels. I am so thankful to be part of a team that works tirelessly to ensure that our members receive the best outcome. At TaxAudit, we strive to champion our members, and, in this case, Kyle and Trent did just that.

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