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To Our Unsung Heroes

April 04, 2016 | Written by: Jean Lee Scherkey, EA
Group of Tax Professionals Talking
Whenever several people are put together in a group situation, either by birth, choice or work, certain roles emerge. These roles are then chosen or sometimes even imposed upon the different individuals within the group. There are the leaders, caretakers, sages, “worker bees,” and organizers, just to name a few. Then there are the persons who quietly and with grace don the hats of a leader, caretaker, sage, organizer and worker bee all at the same time. Without them a group may still function and achieve its goals. But with these individuals a group has the ability to become a community of champions. When you search for the heart of’s community of champions, you will find our Senior Audit Representatives.

Our Senior Audit Representatives are committed to partnering with and mentoring our Audit Representatives, in an effort to ensure each of our members receive excellent, accurate and personalized care. Our vision is a world where no one has to face the IRS alone. In that same vein we do not want any of our Audit Representatives to feel like they are on their own when defending a member in an audit. The Senior Audit Representatives go the extra mile to offer encouragement and guidance to the team at each step of the audit process.

One of our company goals is to provide the best taxpayer education available to our members. One way we empower our members is through knowledge. When our members understand the tax rules their confidence increases and their fears lessen. In order to achieve this goal we provide our staff with a full curriculum of in-house continuing tax education courses. Our Senior Audit Representatives support our culture of continuous learning by freely sharing their thousands of hours of experience and wisdom with the Audit Representatives. Through their efforts of working as a community, the Audit Representatives are able to get the best possible results for our members so that they pay no more tax than they rightfully owe.

At the core of every great member experience there are caring people who are committed to serving each member with the utmost dignity. At the core of our Audit Department you will find our Senior Audit Representatives selflessly giving their time, experience and wisdom to their peers, ensuring we all stand as Champions.

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