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July 01, 2016 | Written by: Sandie Barilla
Professionals Giving High Fives
It is easy to find groups, departments, and teams that could be considered the “unsung heroes” at And clearly, one group that fits that mold and title perfectly is the Audit Department Assistants (ADAs)!

While our Audit Reps are the champions of our members, the ADAs are considered by many to be the champions of our Audit Reps. If one compared our Audit Reps to Batman, Frodo Baggins, or Sherlock Holmes, then our Audit Department Assistants match the likes of Robin, Samwise Gamgee, and Dr. Watson. They might not always be on the frontlines, but our ADAs truly enhance the level of service our members enjoy.

The ADA Department is committed to helping our Audit Reps succeed in many aspects of the audit representation process. How do the ADAs demonstrate this commitment, you ask? First and foremost, we draw on our tax knowledge and expertise; as a group, we have over 136+ years of tax experience.

During the course of a single day, this department offers an enormous amount of assistance to our Audit Reps by:
  1. Preparing IRS, state, and Canadian Power of Attorney documents;
  2. Reconstructing tax returns based on tax notices and supporting documents;
  3. Sorting, organizing, and preparing document packages to send to various taxing agencies;
  4. Analyzing and preparing bank analyses spreadsheets;
  5. Preparing proforma returns to determine the accuracy of IRS notices and exam reports. If a discrepancy is found, the ADA must identify the reason(s) and ensure that they effectively communicate this information to the Audit Rep working the case;
  6. Monitoring the voicemails, faxes, and documents that are received for cases when an Audit Rep is out of the office. The ADA assigned to monitor the cases is responsible for providing a daily summary of activity over the course of their absence and a final summary of activity upon the rep’s return to the office. This allows the Audit Rep to jump back into their workload without missing a beat.
This is just a brief summary of the work that is done each and every day by our ADAs. Over 19,117 of these tasks were completed in 2015…and 7,369 have already been completed thus far in 2016. We are a hard-working bunch and sure know how to get things done!

One of the best things about our department is that each of our ADAs brings their unique talents and passions to share with the rest of the team and the company as a whole. On my team here in Orange County, for example, Carlos is our resident authority on Canada returns and EITC; Christina is our go-to person for state POAs; Daniel is known for his ability to handle the difficult securities issues; Jen loves the thrill of multi-year document organization; and JLO is always eager to take on a challenging IRS exam report. At our Citrus Heights location, Dave enjoys supporting our Outside Representatives by helping recreate tax returns and putting together the puzzles of unique tax situations, such as foreclosures and short sales; while Wanda enjoys the fact that there are a variety of tasks to do, making each day different. “The best part,” she says, “is knowing that, at the end of the day, I’ve helped another Member, another Rep, and, most of all, helped my ADA Team to have a better day!”

There is a famous saying that reads, “Behind every success is effort; behind every effort is passion…” This quote perfectly sums up what the ADA Department does here at Behind every big and small success we share as a company, we are there – working hard to support our reps and, ultimately, our members by ensuring they are receiving the finest income tax audit representation available and helping to fulfill our vision of a world where no one has to face the IRS alone.

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